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Pandemic took almost all the industries out there by a storm. Some suffered for a certain time to later settle with alternative ways of operation, while some still have no solutions to the loss they’ve met. The film industry is also one of the industries which met this unfortunate fate. Nonetheless, the new year brings some exciting film industry trends.

It took quite a long while for the film industry to navigate its way around in the pandemic. Mostly because operating from home wasn’t as convenient as in the other fields. But now that it has, it’s time for it to gear up and get back in its full swing. 

So, here are a few film industry trends that we are likely to see in 2021!

The Shift  

Perhaps, the prominent change in the film industry trends is of location. During the pandemic, even the wealthiest of film investors and producers have experienced a major financial blow. And, it is likely that film studios will turn towards cheaper alternatives until the market becomes stable again.

Usually, the United States of America is the ideal preference of film makers and producers. However, the costs of shooting in the Hollywood are beyond consideration in the on-going COVID-19 crisis. 

Meanwhile, the Britain’s Brexit deal is about to end with the European Union by December 2020. Consequently, the value of Pound will drop significantly in 2021, when compared to the US dollar. 

So, the UK has immense potential for becoming the next primary filming location of the upcoming movies. Plus, the UK has a lot of great talent in terms of acting. Hence, filmmakers and investors can benefit from the pools of talent available at a relatively cheaper cost. 

Increased Social Distancing Measures 

Film sets are often hustling and bustling with activity. Hence, you will often find them crowded. In actuality, it is one of the primary reasons why the film industry encountered quite a lot of damage during the first few months of the pandemic.

So, the natural approach towards addressing this issue for regular functioning was to increase the precautionary measures, such as inviting only the relevant people on the film set. Although this slowed down the pace of work, it brought the film-making back in the running at least.

Soon, this issue will most probably be addressed much more efficiently by increasing the social distancing measures further. We will most probably see the use of transparent screens between actors and a smaller cast crew. Most likely, it is not something that will remain restricted behind the scenes. Instead, we will also witness it on the screen as a new COVID-protection measure.

Embracing the Virtual World

Previously, online streaming services and the virtual world has been experiencing a gradual rise as more people retorted to the comfort of home. However, even then, the worldwide film industry accounted for 42.2-billion USD (box office 2019)!

With COVID-19, another major shift in the filming industry that will continue to rise in 2021 is online streaming. Movies in progress and ready-for-launch suffered a great drawback when the pandemic hit.

Yes, several filmmakers indeed intended to wait until the COVID-19 disappears. However, some of them did realise that it is not going to go away soon.

Thus, numerous short films and movies got released online to prevent the loss. Online streaming does not offer many outstanding results, though it avoids the loss experienced by waiting too long.

 Services, like Netflix and Hulu, have received good revenue due to the pandemic. And they expect the response to remaining the same as we roll into 2021.

Short Films make a Comeback 

Hour-length movies came after, but the first ones to give rise to the filming industry back in the 20th century were short films. 

Short films refer to 10-30 minutes of narratives delivering the same quality and fun as of watching an hour-length feature.  

Recently, people developed a fondness for lengthy films in cinemas and theatres. However, ever since the lockdown, both the long films and cinemas have experienced a loss.

Consequently, filmmakers are more likely to invest in short films and series. The cheaper costs of shooting and increased demands for short movies have changed the game for the film industry.  

The Rise of Drive-In Cinemas   

film industry trends

Another surprising film-industry trend brought about by Pandemic is the rise of Drive-in cinemas. Since the virus is prone to spreading at a faster rate in closed environments, people are now resorting to their much-loved means of entertainment in the open-air.

Although several drive-in cinemas closed down or didn’t do much business with more advanced and thrilling cinemas taking over, today they happen to be flooded with people. In actuality, these are adding a light-hearted and happier feeling in the otherwise gloomy air.

Also, since there are only a handful of cinemas, these cannot accommodate a lot of people. Hence, some people have set up their personalised outdoor cinemas using bigger curved monitors and professional audio systems in their neighbourhood.

Final Words 

Well, summing up, like most other fields, the film industry is also striving to adapt to the new normal in the best possible means. Although the results of these efforts are not yet the same as that of pre-COVID time, they appear to be progressive. And so, we do expect the industry to catch up with the pace in 2021 with better, enhanced, and more calculated precautionary measures.



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