Raindance Sonica - Raindance

Raindance Sonica

Raindance Sonic is the newly relaunched Music strand at Raindance Film Festival featuring documentary film and live events, curated by Tayba Mason. 

Raindance Film Festival has previously screened some of the best independent music documentaries and events and has hosted such musicians as Lou Reed, Mick Jones and Marky Ramone.

See this year’s full line-up here.


Watch some trailers of Music Documentarys played in previous years at Raindance below

Big Gold Dream (Grant McPhee, 2015)

New York Doll (Greg Whiteley, 2005)

Punk: Atittude (Don Letts, 2005)

Teenage Superstars (Grant McPhee, 2017)

Crass: There is No Authority But Yourself (Alexander Oey, 2006)

Too Tough To Die: A Tribute To Johnny Ramone (Mandy Stein, 2006)

Here are the trailers for some of the other Punk films we’ve played:

Boom (Jordan Albertsen, 2018)

MC5: A True Testimonial (David C. Thomas, 2002)

Stooge (Madeleine Farley, 2017)

The Public Image is Rotten (Tabbert Fiiller, 2017)


Mick Jones from The Clash talks Raindance