The Raindance Screening Room - Raindance

The Raindance Screening Room

The Raindance Screening Room is where you can find all of the Raindance Film Festival films that are online together, in one handy place. This is a collection of shorts and features that are free or available to rent online.

Every two weeks we will release another year’s films, starting with the films made in 2019 and working backwards.

2019 Films | 2018 Films

Free Shorts

Ala Too
Director: Chessie Lamb
Documentary Short


Director: Kenny Tran
Animation Short


Queen of the Dinosaurs: A Wrestler’s Story
Director: Addison Dlott & Jakob Markwardt
Narrative Short

Sigh Gone
Director: Jeannie Nguyen
Narrative Short

Test Subjects
Director: Alex Lockwood
Documentary Short

The Mystical Jouney of Jimmy Page’s ’59 Telecaster
Director: Smith & Foulkes
Animated Short

The Opposites Game
Director: Anna Samo & Lisa LaBracio
Animated Short


Director: Neal O’Bryan & Chad Thurman
Animated Short

Director: Zu Quirke
Narrative Short

At The Cheap End
Director: Martin Gooch
Narrative Short

Director: Patrick Fileti
Documentary Short

Director: Lucy Luscombe
Narrative Short

Serious Tingz
Director: Abdou Cisse
Documentary Short


Still Here
Director: Orlando Bryant
Narrative Short

The Devil’s Harmony
Director: Dylan Holmes Williams
Narrative Short

The Night We Opened For The New Ed Sheeran
Director: Josh Farrell
Narrative Short

Throat Singing in Kangirsuk
Director: Eva Kaukai & Manon Chamberland
Documentary Short

Yes, Virginia
Director: Harvey Puttock
Narrative Short

Shorts to Rent

Tamanomenon (Tamagotchi Film)
Director: Asatuurs Keim
Documentary Short

The Tears’ Thing
Director: Clemence Poesy
Narrative Short

Free Features

Iraq: A State of Mind
Director: Namak Khoshnaw
Documentary Feature

On The President’s Orders
Director: James Jones
Documentary Feature

Features to Rent

Director: Miia Tervo
Narrative Feature

Pick It Up! Ska In the ’90s
Director: Taylor Morden
Documentary Feature

Toxic Beauty
Director: Phyllis Ellis
Documentary Feature

Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy
Director: Elizabeth Carroll
Documentary Feature

The Easy Bit
Director: Tom Webb
Documentary Feature