Raindance Festival App

How to use “Raindance London” app?

1. Go to the App Store / Google Play and type in Raindance. It will be the second or third to come up on the list. It is named RAINDANCE LONDON.  

2. Once installed, open the app. You will be asked to SIGN IN or SIGN UP with meeting application.
Signing up with Meeting Application gives you access to more in-app features, including “Networking” and “Public Live Chat”.

3 .When successfully signed up and within the app, you will be confronted by the schedule.
The “
SCHEDULE” is a regularly updated, complete calendar, of every film being shown and event being held.

4. The “FAVOURITES” component is your own custom schedule, complete with the movies and events that you want to see. To add a movie or event to your schedule, swipe to the left on an event on the “Schedule” section and it will be added to your custom schedule.

5. The “LINE UP” component, is a bio page for every individual film and short playing. Use the search bar to find what you are looking for OR use the filter key in the top corner to sort through it.

6. The “WHO’S WHO” is a guide to all the filmmakers involved with the 25th Year of Raindance, search by name and a bio page will come up as well as when their projects are screening.

7. Raindance also teaches “COURSES” — To view course information and book, go on the “COURSES” component and select the corresponding course you wish to view information on.

8. The “NETWORKING” component is a list of all users on the app, you can use that to find and message someone directly. You have the “INBOX” component for sending private messages, as well as the “PUBLIC LIVE CHAT” for chatting with multiple people simultaneously as the festival is happening.

Special Features

If you go onto the “GALLERY” section, you can view photos from the press launch, all of the previous years posters, or even listen to a Spotify playlist made up of all the music videos of this years selection.

The “SPONSORS” section is a guide to all of our partners for this year’s festival. There you can find out about the partners and sponsors and what they do.

MAPS – All of the relevant locations for this years festival are on this component. Whether it be the “Cuckoo Club” or “The Century Club”, all can be found.

You and every user with the app can upload photos onto the “Photo Booth” section, show everyone what you are doing at the festival. Please note that this is moderated so any inappropriate images will be flagged and taken down.


Use links to app stores to download your app.

 Google Play (Android)


 Apple AppStore (iOS)


 Event Landing Page


Thank you to Harry Heath for developing this app with Meeting Application for all of you festival attendees to enjoy.