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Raindance Gallery

26th Raindance Opening Night

26th Raindance Photo Album

                                   26th Raindance Closing Night

[REVIEW] Above The Clouds (UK)

Producer & Director: Leon Chambers Writer: Simon Lord Starring: Naomi Morris, Andrew Murton and Philip Jackson Review Film festivals attract filmmakers, cinema insiders, the cognoscenti. The Raindance Film Festival’s banner proclaims: “Discover. Be Discovered.”...

[REVIEW] The End Of Wind (China)

Writer & Director: Fog Forest Producer: Shaohui Hangfu Starring: David Dai, Jing Mu, Shuxian Ren Synopsis Forest Fog’s The End of Wind blows coldly on the idea of hope. The film begins with someone resolving to commit suicide. It ends with someone achieving that...

[REVIEW] Ana By Day

Ana de Dia (Ana by Day) Spain Writer & Director: Andrea Jaurrieta Producer: Iván Luis Starring Ingrid Garcia-Jonsson Sat 29th Sep 18:30 Buy Tickets Q&A with Andrea Jaurrieta (Director) and Iván Luis (Producer) Add To Calendar VUE Piccadilly  Mon 1st Oct 13:00...