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Our Supporters


Donna Banks

Freida Rossi

Individual Supporters:

Anjali Alford

Mazlum Bahceci

Marina Barabanova

Lucy Beresford

Peter Bispham

Chris Cameron

Jon Campling

Kimberly Collison

Simon Craven

Joseph Dewey

Jack Evans

John Frewin

Nadia Benali Garcia

Leilani Holmes

Aline Jewell

Virginia Joseph

Romana Lakinger-Njari

Lynnaire MacDonald

Ben Miller

Dimi Nakov

John Payten

Tom Rawding

Marc Roberts

Rehana Rose

Ore Sanderson

Thomas Scott

Dov Simens

Anna Taborska

Jody VandenBurg

Joseph Yeo

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2018 Raindance Film Festival through our Crowdfunding Campaign! Without your contributions, we wouldn’t be able to host such an amazing festival every year – you’re the main reason why we love what we do. The donations that you provided will help offset the cost of tickets for people under 25, senior citizens, claimants, first responders, and allowing filmmakers from disadvantaged backgrounds to join our festival. With your help we are also able to create more opportunities to retrofit our venues with hearing or visual aids for our screenings – making film more accessible for everyone. Thank you for spreading your love of film to the world, and we can’t wait to see you in late September.

See you at Raindance 2018!