Raindance Film Festival: Chile Guest Country 2018

We’re thrilled to have Chile as the 26th Raindance Film Festival’s guest of honour.

With the Chilean Film industry positioning itself at the forefront of contemporary filmmaking, one can hardly look elsewhere. In the last few years, through propositive perspectives and innovative ideas, Chilean filmmakers have earned nominations and won awards in all the big stages and festivals around the world. Perhaps the best example of this  is the winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2018: “A Fantastic Woman”, by Sebastián Lelio.

These awards and nominations clearly reflect the overall character of a country that cultivates its talent, allows it to look into the future, and foments taking action in shaping it. Raindance shares this ideals and is committed to promoting them with a selection of works by both new and renowned Chilean filmmakers. We are thrilled to be presenting this selection.  

The Guest Country programme is run in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Chile (DIRAC) and the Embassy of Chile in the UK.