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A Dirty World
Everybody Flies Tue 24 Sept 6:45pm Wed 25 Sept 1:45pm Based on 18 years of research, former airline captain Tristan Loraine exposes global collusion within the aviation industry. Detailing the facts about the air you breathe on aircraft and the potential health and flight safety risks, Everybody Flies reveals what airlines have known for decades, but have never told passengers. World premiere. A Dirty World Tristan Loraine, Beth Moran
Kifaru Sat 28 Sept 8:45pm Sun 29 Sept 3pm Two young Kenyan wildlife rangers are tasked with caring for Sudan – the last male northern white rhino in the world. Filmed over four years, James and JoJo offer an intimate portrait of complexities both seen and felt, as they watch Sudan teeter on the edge of extinction. UK premiere. A Dirty World David Hambridge
Losing Alaska Sun 22 Sept 6:15pm Tue 24 Sept 1:15pm The story of a small Alaskan community dealing with a slow-moving disaster. The land is dropping away on all sides, and the river grows stronger every year. They are losing up to 50ft of land per year and by 2019 even the highest building in town could be flooded. UK premiere. A Dirty World Tom Burke
Mossville: When Great Trees Fall Fri 27 Sept 6:15pm Sat 28 Sept 1pm After their community is contaminated and uprooted by petrochemical plants, a centuries-old black American community comes to terms with the loss of its ancestral home. But one man who stands in the way of a plant’s expansion refuses to give up. European premiere. A Dirty World Alexander John Glustrom
On the Wild Side Thu 19 Sept 6pm Fri 20 Sept 1pm A documentary about movements worldwide against hunting and poaching. The film examines the ethics that push individuals to reject these forms of unnecessary violence, and how this reflects on society in times of climate change and the exploitation of animals, the earth, and people. UK premiere. A Dirty World Giacomo Giorgi
Thirst for Justice Fri 20 Sept 6:45pm Sun 22 Sept 1:30pm American may appear to be a democracy which guarantees freedom of speech and basic rights, but at its heart lies a great injustice. Against the odds, several extraordinary citizens band together to fight for their basic right to clean water – from Flint to the Navajo Nation, via Standing Rock. European premiere. A Dirty World Leana Hosea
Toxic Beauty Sat 21 Sept 6:15pm Mon 23 Sept 1:30pm Following a class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, Toxic Beauty shines a light on the harm caused by beauty products. This exposé features exclusive access to scientists, lawyers, advocates, regulators, politicians, a dynamic whistleblower, survivors, and women who have lost their lives. International premiere. A Dirty World Phyllis Ellis
7 Reasons to Run Away (From Society) Thu 26 Sept 6:30pm Fri 27 Sept 1:30pm The family, the poor kid, the sixth-floor neighbours, the tenant and the agent, the business couple, the man left behind by progress, and the couple about to get married. Seven stories that mix horror and comedy, seven moments of black comedy, seven surreal visions of a dysfunctional society. UK premiere. Absurdities Esteve Soler, Gerard Quinto, David Torras
Babysplitters Sat 28 Sept 8:30pm Sun 29 Sept 2:30pm When two couples with mixed feelings about having kids hatch a plan to share one baby, things spiral out of control. UK premiere. Absurdities Sam Friedlander
A Certain Kind of Silence Tue 24 Sept 6:15pm Wed 25 Sept 1:15pm Mia is a young Czech au pair who works abroad for a well off family in a lavish villa. She follows their many strange rules and looks after their ten-year-old son. But as they slowly manipulate her, will Mia be able to escape the grip of this radical family community? International premiere. Absurdities Michal Hogenauer
Greener Grass Sun 22 Sept 6:30pm Tue 24 Sept 10am (parent & baby screening) Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe write, direct, and star in this hilariously deadpan hellscape of competitive suburbia. A boldly stylised absurdist chain of events unfurl with increasing fervour after one soccer mom gifts another her infant daughter, just to be polite. UK premiere. Absurdities Jocelyn DeBoer, Dawn Luebbe
Jacob Thu 19 Sept 1pm Wed 25 Sept 5:45pm He’s a doctor, lawyer, bioethicist, college professor, New York City tour guide, poet, playwright, award-winning novelist, devoted son, and true friend. In this upbeat documentary profile meet the most prolific, most accomplished, least boastful person in America. International premiere. Absurdities Jon Stahl
The Man Who Surprised Everyone Sat 21 Sept 6:30pm Mon 23 Sept 1:45pm Egor, a fearless state forest guard living in the Siberian Taiga, lives a happy life with his wife and children. But when he is diagnosed with cancer and given only two months to live he must make a desperate attempt to trick death. Absurdities Natasha Merkulova & Aleksey Chupov
Not Quite Adults Thu 19 Sept 8:45pm Sun 22 Sept 3:30pm One month before her marriage, Lola finds herself travelling with an ex-boyfriend, his sister, and the partner of her recently deceased father. Together, they embark on a more significant journey than they had expected – one which will fundamentally force them to grow up, once and for all. UK premiere. Absurdities Federico Sosa
The Planters Mon 23 Sept 6:45pm Tue 24 Sept 1pm A dark comedy about Martha Plant, a telemarketer who sucks at her job, doesn’t like people, and likes to bury stolen treasure. When she finds an unlikely friend in Sadie Mayflower, a Jesus loving vagrant with multiple personalities, Martha’s world starts looking up. World premiere. Absurdities Alexandra Kotcheff, Hannah Leder
The Real Thing – Real Life in Fake Cities Thu 26 Sept 8:30pm Fri 27 Sept 3:45pm The Real Thing documents the lives of those who live and work in China’s ‘copycat cities’ – replica neighbourhoods featuring duplicates of some of the world’s most famous landmarks. A journey into a copy of our world, this film asks what real stories are born inside these fake cities. UK premiere. Absurdities Benoit FELICI
Searching for Oscar Fri 20 Sept 6pm Sat 21 Sept 1pm Óscar Peyrou is a film critic and President of the Spanish Association of Film Critics. His technique for writing critiques is rather unusual: for him, it is not necessary to see the films, it is enough to analyze them through their posters. UK premiere. Absurdities Octavio Guerra Quevedo
The Teacher Tue 24 Sept 3:15pm Fri 27 Sept 8:15pm In Berlin, a young migrant wants to learn German. But his teacher uses a new and peculiar method – the first topic she wants him to cover is “yesterday my dog was killed, today we will kill somebody”. As lessons continue, things become more complicated. UK premiere. Absurdities Denis Dercourt
The Young Fan Thu 26 Sept 6pm Fri 27 Sept 1pm A real story. In 1997, Gipi received a letter from a young fan. In 2017, he searches for him. Discovering the truth will change everything. UK premiere. Absurdities Gipi
Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly Sat 28 Sept 6pm Sun 29 Sept 12:15pm Dissident artist Ai Weiwei’s monumental exhibition on the former American prison island of Alcatraz inspired thousands of visitors to connect with prisoners of conscience worldwide, unlocking the power of simple gestures of empathy, and comforting those who had felt forgotten. UK premiere. Arty Cheryl Haines, Gina Leibrecht
Beyond the Bolex Fri 20 Sept 6:15pm Fri 27 Sept 4pm In the early 1920s, Jacques Bolsey aimed to disrupt the film industry with a motion picture camera for the masses: the iconic Bolex. Little was known about the immigrant inventor, but now his great-granddaughter uncovers his forgotten family archive and embarks on a personal quest to reveal his epic story. UK premiere. Arty Alyssa Bolsey
Driven to Abstraction Sat 21 Sept 8:45pm Mon 23 Sept 4pm The art world was rocked by the greatest hoax in the history of modern American art: an $80 million forgery that brought down Knoedler, New York City’s oldest and most venerable gallery. Was Knoedler’s esteemed director the victim of a con artist, or did she suspect the fake? World premiere. Arty Daria Price
Friedkin Uncut Mon 23 Sept 8:45pm Tue 24 Sept 1:30pm An insight into the life and artistic journey of William Friedkin, the extraordinary and offbeat director of cult films including The French Connection, The Exorcist, and Sorcerer. For the first time, Friedkin guides us on a fascinating journey through the themes and stories which have influenced his life and career. UK premiere. Arty Francesco Zippel
Martha: A Picture Story Wed 25 Sept 6pm Thu 26 Sept 3:30pm Three decades after publishing her debut book, Subway Art, New York photographer Martha Cooper discovers that she’s become an unexpected icon of one of the biggest art movements in history. European premiere. Arty Selina Miles
NIGHT CRUISING Wed 25 Sept 8:30pm Thu 26 Sept 2:30pm Night Cruising follows the congenitally blind musician Hideyuki Kato as he pursues the realisation of a short sci-fi film. Working with a wide range of collaborators, his project becomes an interrogation of how sensory environments are perceived and rendered, offering new ways to think through assumptions about cinema and imagination. European premiere. Arty Makoto Sasaki
Scars Sat 28 Sept 8:30pm Sun 29 Sept 2:45pm Scars gives voice to those whose faces and identities have been altered by chance and destiny, telling stories of men and women that some look at with difficulty. It asks how we can live with the weight of difference, and what disturbing singularities can tell us about our common humanity. UK premiere. Arty Didier Cros
Why Are We Creative? The Centipede’s Dilemma Sun 22 Sept 8:45pm Tue 24 Sept 3:45pm An exploration of the many facets of creativity – artistic, cultural, political, philosophical, and scientific. A personal road movie through the land of inspiration, featuring many of the world’s most influential creatives, including over fifty Nobel Prize laureates and Academy Award winners. UK premiere. Arty Hermann Vaske
EU Female Gaze
Aren’t You Happy? Sun 29 Sept 5:30pm + 5:45pm A girl roams through the city looking for a place to sleep, but between yoga studios, art galleries, and the beds of strangers there is no space for her. A postmodern comedy in pink and blue. EU Female Gaze Susanne Heinrich
Aurora Sat 21 Sept 9pm Mon 23 Sept 4:15pm In this romantic and sometimes melancholy comedy, Aurora, a commitment-phobic party animal, meets Iranian Darian one night at a hot dog stand in Lapland. Darian is running from death and Aurora is running from love. They need each other in order to finally stop running. EU Female Gaze Miia Tervo
But Now is Perfect Sun 22 Sept 5:45pm Mon 23 Sept 12:45pm But Now is Perfect focuses on a small number of the inhabitants of Riace, including Becky Moses. The unique fate of young Nigerian woman also tells a bigger story – about the refugee crisis (here given an unforgettable face), friendship, and humanity, with politics playing a supporting role. UK premiere. EU Female Gaze Carin Goeijers
Emma Peeters Tue 24 Sept 6:30pm Wed 25 Sept 4pm An actress plans to commit suicide, in order to finally make something of her life. She meets a funeral parlour employee who proposes to help her – for better or for worse. UK premiere. EU Female Gaze Nicole Palo
Luna Thu 19 Sept 6:30pm Fri 20 Sept 1:30pm Luna lives in the south of France. She is beautiful, funny, vivacious, and would do anything to keep Ruben’s love. During one evening of drinking with her friends, they assault a young stranger. A few weeks later, he reappears in Luna’s life, forcing her to make some reluctant choices. UK premiere. EU Female Gaze Elsa Diringer
A Regular Woman Wed 25 Sept 9pm Thu 26 Sept 2:45pm Aynur is shot to death by her brother Nuri on a busy street in Berlin. Without suspecting anything, she accompanies him to the bus stop, while her five-year-old son Can is asleep in her apartment only a few hundred miles away. How could this happen, what led to this deed? UK premiere. EU Female Gaze Sherry Hormann
Who Made You? Fri 27 Sept 8:45pm Sat 28 Sept 3:30pm Who Made You? leads us into the world of cyborgs, sex robots, and androids. Artificial intelligence is interacting with our mental and physical existence like never before. What do these developments mean for humanity, community, and how will they affect our perception of what it is to be human? UK premiere. EU Female Gaze Iiris Härmä
The Easy Bit Sat 28 Sept 5:45pm Six men talk candidly about undergoing fertility treatment – from the initial diagnosis, through clinics, hormones treatments, implantations, to finally finding out if it’s been successful. World premiere. Homegrown Tom Webb
Hilda Thu 19 Sept 6:45pm Fri 20 Sept 1:45pm The turbulent life of a seventeen-year-old aspiring dancer, and her struggle to realise her dreams while grappling with a family in disarray. Hilda must make sacrifices in order to care for those dependent on her. Her only escape and expression is music, but when it stops the silence is deafening. World premiere. Homegrown Rishi Pelham
Homeless Ashes Thu 19 Sept 4:15pm Mon 23 Sept 9:15pm Frankie is a young boy who stands up to his fears and runs away from his abusive home, finding himself trying to survive on the streets. UK premiere. Homegrown Marc Zammit
Hurt by Paradise Sat 28 Sept 8pm Sun 29 Sept 12:15pm The story of Celeste – a young poet and single mother, who unsuccessfully attempts to get her first book published and to find her father – and her codependent friendship with her babysitter Stella, a failed actress captivated by an online love affair. UK premiere. Homegrown Greta Bellamacina
Imperial Blue Fri 20 Sept 9:15pm Sun 22 Sept 4pm American smuggler Hugo travels to Uganda to find the source of Bulu, a mysterious narcotic with prophetic powers. In Uganda, his fate becomes entwined with two sisters with competing agendas. As they journey deeper into the forest, their uneasy alliance falls apart with horrifying consequences. World premiere. Homegrown Dan Moss
Iraq: A State of Mind Thu 19 Sept 1:45pm Mon 23 Sept 6pm In the past forty years, Iraq has endured three major wars, a violent coup, two invasions, bombing, two insurgencies, attacks by I.S., and a sectarian civil war. This film reveals the mental health crisis gripping the country, which has just one psychiatric hospital for a population of 38 million. International premiere. Homegrown Namak Khoshnaw
Like Tue 24 Sept 9:15pm Wed 25 Sept 4.15pm Based on the true case of two British teenage girls who were charged with murder after posting images of the crime on social media, Like explores the complicated toxic relationship of these best friends and how online activity can determine social status and acceptance. World premiere. Homegrown M. Frank
Masters of Love Thu 19 Sept 9:15pm Fri 20 Sept 4:15pm Emmy and Samantha are getting married. Josh and Jennifer are breaking up. And Niall isn’t sure what he’s doing. An original and darkly comic look at love in all its grubby glory. Homegrown Matt Roberts
My Day Tue 24 Sept 4:15pm Wed 25 Sept 9:15pm Sixteen-year-old runaway Ally lives on the streets, surviving by making small deliveries for a family of drug dealers. Her life spirals out of control when, during a delivery, she is drugged and then attacked. Ally escapes but loses the drugs and the money. She now must answer to the boss. World premiere. Homegrown Ibrahim Miiro
Schemers Wed 25 Sept 6:45pm Fri 27 Sept 3:15pm After his football career comes to an end, Davie starts promoting gigs in Dundee with his friends, eventually leading to a hugely ambitious Iron Maiden show. Out of his depth, and in debt to a gangster of legendary violence, Davie tries to pull off the biggest scheme of his life. Homegrown David McLean
Under the Radar: The Mike Edmonds Story Thu 26 Sept 9:15pm Fri 27 Sept 4:15pm The story of one of the world’s best known ‘little actors’, from his early life in the UK to working on Stars Wars, Time Bandits, and The Dark Crystal. Featuring interviews with friends and collaborators including Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, and Colin Firth. World premiere. Homegrown Simon Frith
Men in Crisis
Back to Maracana Tue 24 Sept 8:45pm Wed 25 Sept 3:30pm Roberto, divorced with a failing business; his son Itay, a spoiled child who despises football; and father Samuel, a terminally ill football enthusiast, depart spontaneously to the World Cup games in Brazil – their former homeland. Their unplanned trip turns into an emotional journey that changes all of them forever. UK premiere. Men in Crisis Jorge Gurevich
Coureur Thu 19 Sept 5:45pm Fri 20 Sept 12:45pm Felix wants to become a cycling pro no matter what, overshadowing his father Mathieu, who seeks to redress his own failed dreams of cycling glory. Felix turns out to be incredibly gifted, becoming the national junior champion. But the merciless competition and Felix’s feeble health may spell his downfall. UK premiere. Men in Crisis Kenneth Mercken
A Dobugawa Dream Mon 23 Sept 9pm Tue 24 Sept 4pm After the death of his classmate, a young boy shuts himself away from his friends and family. One day something cracks inside of him and he decides to wander through the streets to find a new path. International premiere. Men in Crisis Asato Watanabe
Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo Sun 22 Sept 11am Mon 23 Sept 10:15am 71 years in the making, this documentary experience reveals the extraordinary life journey of Hollywood’s most unlikely hero, Danny Trejo Men in Crisis Brett Harvey
The Long Haul: The Story of the Buckaroos Sat 21 Sept 5:45pm Sun 22 Sept 12:45pm In the style of Magic Mike and The Full Monty, seven average joes defy traditional masculine stereotypes by putting a comedic twist on the archetypal male revue. This rag-tag group sets out to redefine masculinity, and prove that vulnerability, humility, inclusion, and respect can be the antithesis to toxic masculinity. International premiere. Men in Crisis Amy Enser
Oray Fri 27 Sept 9pm Sat 28 Sept 1:15pm Oray strives to be good but struggles with his shady past. When his dream of being the perfect Muslim and husband is suddenly shattered, he goes to Cologne, where he tries to rebuild his life in a new Muslim community. But he is constantly torn between his faith and identity. UK premiere. Men in Crisis Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay
Spell Fri 20 Sept 8:30pm Sat 21 Sept 3:30pm Following the unexpected death of his fiance, an American illustrator embarks on a soul-searching journey across the isolated Icelandic countryside, only to become drawn into a supernatural world of ancient runes and secrets. Unless, that is, it’s all in his head. UK premiere. Men in Crisis Brendan Walter
Bombie Sun 22 Sept 8:30pm Mon 23 Sept 5:45pm Bombie is a harrowing portrait of those putting their lives on the line to make a difference in the most heavily bombed nation on earth: Laos. UK premiere. Politico Tanner Matthews, Shelby Baldock
Chicuarotes Thu 19 Sept 9pm Fri 20 Sept 4pm Cagalera and Moloteco are teenagers from San Gregorio Atlapulco who are desperate to escape their oppressive circumstances. When they hear of an opportunity which could transform their lives, they quickly fall into the criminal, adult underworld of Mexico City in a bid to buy their freedom. UK premiere. Politico Gael García Bernal
Erased Tue 24 Sept 9pm Thu 26 Sept 4pm When Ana’s personal data goes missing after the birth of her baby, she ends up entangled in a web of bureaucracy of Kafkaesque proportions. Even though she has always lived in Slovenia, legally, she no longer exists – no social security, no permanent address, and no access to her child. UK premiere. Politico Miha Mazzini
Il Sindaco, Italian Politics 4 Dummies Sat 21 Sept 6pm Sun 22 Sept 3:15pm What happens when a 23-year-old runs for mayor in one of the biggest cities in southern Italy, and records his entire campaign with a hidden camera? UK premiere. Politico Claudio Canepari, Davide Parenti
Isis, Tomorrow: The Lost Souls of Mosul Wed 25 Sept 8:15pm Thu 26 Sept 12pm ISIS may have lost the war in Mosul, but its deadly ideology cannot be easily erased. What happens to the child soldiers, who have no memory of a world before ISIS? This film follows their struggles to transition into an unfamiliar world, which despises and vilifies them. UK premiere. Politico Francesca Mannocchi and Alessio Romenzi
Jirga Fri 20 Sept 9pm Sat 21 Sept 1:30pm An ex-soldier returns to Afghanistan to find the family of a civilian he accidentally killed during the war. Seeking forgiveness, he puts his life in the hands of the village justice system – the Jirga. UK premiere. Politico Benjamin Gilmour
Like Fri 27 Sept 6pm Sat 28 Sept 12:45pm Like explores the impact of social media on our lives, and the effects of technology on the human brain. The goal of the film is to inspire us to self-regulate. Social media is a tool and a place to connect, share, and care. But is that what really happens? UK premiere. Politico Scilla Andreen
On the President’s Orders Fri 27 Sept 6:45pm Sun 29 Sept 12:00 The searing story of President Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody campaign against drug dealers and addicts in the Philippines is told through unprecedented and intimate access to both sides of the war: a kill squad in the Manila police, and an ordinary family from the slums. Politico James Jones, Olivier Sarbil
Soledad Tue 24 Sept 5:45pm Thu 26 Sept 5:45pm Argentinian Soledad Rosas arrives in Italy in 1997. She meets a militant anarchist called Edoardo Massari – they have a brief but intense love affair. On March 5, 1998, the pair are arrested and charged with acts of terrorism against the construction of a high-speed rail network. UK premiere. Politico Agustina Macri
Family in Transition Thu 26 Sept 7:45pm Fri 27 Sept 1:15pm In Nahariya, a small traditional town in Israel, a family’s life changes when the father reveals that she is a transgender woman. The mother stays with her spouse, but just when it seems that life is back to normal, everything is shaken up again. Queer Ofir Trainin
Finding Bobbi Fri 20 Sept 5:45pm Sat 21 Sept 12:45pm The poignant journey of a transgender actor unfolds, as twenty-three years after last performing on stage as a man, she makes her return in the iconic role of Aunt Eller in an LGBTQ+ production of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic Oklahoma! at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. European premiere. Queer Scot Morison, Ava Karvonen
Krow’s TRANSformation Wed 18 Sept 6pm Tue 24 Sept 8:30pm The story of Krow, a young trans man and model, told in a series of honest interviews over the course of his transition from female to male. As Krow returns to modelling, he takes his first job as a male model on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. World premiere. Queer Gina Hole Lazarowich
Label Me Thu 19 Sept 8:30pm Fri 20 Sept 3:30pm “I fuck you as long as you can take it. You cum. I get my money. I leave.” Despite these clear rules, the continually growing relationship between a straight Syrian refugee, Waseem, and his German customer, Lars, begins to pose a threat within the reality of Waseem’s shelter. UK premiere. Queer Kai Kreuser
Queering the Script Sun 22 Sept 8:15pm Mon 23 Sept 3:15pm Giving queer fandom a voice in the conversation about LGBTQ+ representation, from Xena to The L Word to Pose, Queering the Script examines the rising power of fans and audiences in shaping representation on TV, the relationship between fandom and activism, and what lies ahead for visibility and inclusivity. UK premiere. Queer Gabrielle Zilkha
Song Lang Mon 23 Sept 6:15pm Tue 24 Sep 12:45pm In 1980s Saigon an unlikely bond develops between Dung, a tough debt collector, and Linh Phung, a young opera singer. The two meet when Dung comes to forcefully collect a debt from the opera troupe, but when their paths cross again surprising, tender feelings are awoken in both men. UK premiere. Queer Leon Le
World Beyond My Mind Sat 21 Sept 8:30pm Mon 23 Sept 3:30pm Due to their deep friendship, young social worker Christoph crosses a moral boundary in order to fulfil the most desperate innermost wish of Sven, whom he is a carer for. UK premiere. Queer Eibe Maleen Krebs
Raindance Symphony Orchestra
Ara Malikian: A Life Among Strings Tue 24 Sept 6pm Wed 25 Sept 1pm The professional trajectory and personal story of Ara Malikian, a multifaceted violinist of Lebanese origin and Armenian roots. Music saved his life when he escaped war. He left Beirut when he was only 14 and has lived a nomadic life ever since, bringing his music all over the world. UK premiere. Raindance Symphony Orchestra Nata Moreno
Boy Howdy! The Story of Creem Magazine Thu 19 Sept 8:15pm Fri 20 Sept 3:15pm Boy Howdy! rips back the curtain on legendary rock rag Creem Magazine’s wild and disruptive newsroom, inhabited by a dysfunctional band of unruly outsiders who weren’t all that different from the artists that they covered. UK premiere. Raindance Symphony Orchestra Scott Crawford
Miguelito Wed 25 Sept 8:45pm Thu 26 Sept 12:15pm In Colombia and Puerto Rico in 1973, every radio station played songs by a boy called Miguelito. Many still remember him, but what happened to him? An upbeat road trip through Latin America, uncovering the memories of those who were affected by his music and short-lived career. European premiere. Raindance Symphony Orchestra Sam Zubrycki
My View: Clem Burke Thu 26 Sept 6:45pm Fri 27 Sept 1:45pm An access all areas documentary about musician Clem Burke. A look back at forty years on the road, performing with one of the world’s most iconic bands: Blondie. UK premiere. Raindance Symphony Orchestra Philip Sansom
Pick It Up! Ska in the ’90s Wed 25 Sept 3:15pm Fri 27 Sept 5:45pm The story of the rise and fall of the third wave of ska music, as told by the artists who lived it. UK premiere. Raindance Symphony Orchestra Taylor Morden
Dark, Almost Night Sun 22 Sept 9pm Tue 24 Sept 1:15pm A tenacious reporter returns to her hometown after a series of mysterious child kidnappings there. She begins to uncover a trail of dramatic events which started decades earlier, but in her quest for truth she must also confront shocking secrets about her own family and childhood. UK premiere. Screamdance Borys Lankosz
Feral Thu 19 Sept 3:30pm Sat 21 Sept 20:15pm The mountains of Oaxaca harbour the remains of a ravaged and burnt shelter. Once home to a psychoanalyst priest, he used it to look after savage children, trying to reintegrate them into society. Through videotape diaries and interviews, the truth of what happened there is shockingly revealed. UK premiere. Screamdance Andrés Kaiser
Infection Thu 19 Sept 12:45pm Fri 20 Sept 8:15pm After an outbreak of a mutated rabies virus, an epidemic brings chaos and fear to the city streets, forcing a father to battle through hostile territory in a fight to rescue his only son. European premiere. Screamdance Flavio Pedota
La Deuxième Tue 24 Sept 8:15pm Wed 25 Sept 12:45pm Jean leads a spiritual commune which promises its followers a second life. When the double of one of the followers arrives at the house, they learn that Jean meant this promise literally. However, not everybody is convinced, and even Jean eventually begins to question his own beliefs. International premiere. Screamdance Jelle Stroo
Macabre Mon 23 Sept 8:30pm Tue 24 Sept 3:30pm Macabre is based on the true story of two brothers, known as the Werewolves of Freiburg, accused of multiple brutal murders in the 1990s. As the population, the press, and the local police condemn the brothers, a police sergeant realises that one of them may be innocent. World premiere. Screamdance Marcos Prado
Sandpaper Thu 26 Sept 8:15pm Fri 27 Sept 12:45pm Newly divorced Kate hires an amiable but eccentric carpenter named Howard to build her a new deck. Initially the perfect craftsman, Howard’s behaviour grows ever more peculiar, revealing a complex and devious personality that threatens to turn Kate’s whole life upside down, locking the pair in a battle of wills. International premiere. Screamdance Jarett Bellucci
The Waiter Fri 27 Sept 9:15pm Sun 29 Sept 2:45pm Renos is a professional waiter, ambiguous, lonely, a meticulous observer of people. When he unwittingly becomes entangled in the mysterious disappearance of his neighbour, he is led on a ride that will alter his well-kept routine and change his life. A film equal parts character study and paradoxical murder story. UK premiere. Screamdance Steve Krikris
Viva Voce: Voices of Women
Alice Wed 25 Sept 6:30pm Thu 26 Sept 5:15pm After discovering that her husband’s addiction to escorts has left their family penniless, Alice finds herself drawn into the world of high-end sex work as a means of caring for herself and her child. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Josephine Mackerras
By the Name of Tania Fri 20 Sept 6:30pm Sat 21 Sept 4pm The story of a young woman in northern Peru who is forced into sex work when her attempts to escape the stifling limitations of village life go wrong. Using powerful imagery, the girl’s traumatic odyssey embodies the horrific devastation inflicted upon the natural world by contemporary industrial society. UK premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Bénédicte Liénard & Mary Jiménez
The Days to Come Thu 19 Sept 3:15pm Mon 23 Sept 8:15pm Vir and Lluís haven’t been together long when they accidentally get pregnant. They must learn how to be three when they haven’t yet learned how to be two. Using the real pregnancy of the lead actors, the film explores the trials and tribulations of this deeply transformative experience. UK premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Carlos Marqués-Marcet
Demolition Girl Thu 19 Sept 4pm Thu 26 Sept 9pm Japanese high school girl, Cocoa, struggles through various difficulties. Fighting every day against the absurd, unhelpful reality which she cannot avoid, she tries her hardest to find her future. Examining recent social issues in Japan such as poor family environment and poverty, this film is about resistance and hope. UK premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Genta Matsugami
Matthew Mark Luke John Fri 27 Sept 6:30pm Sat 28 Sept 3:45pm Fifteen-year-old Rebeca lives in a Romani Baptist village and dreams of going to high school. To win approval for the idea she starts to go to church – but her radical interpretation of Christianity brings her into conflict with the community leaders. UK premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Tom Wilson
My Dearest Sister Sun 22 Sept 6pm Mon 23 Sept 1pm A filmmaker’s personal journey to reconnect with her sister. A successful potter living in the ruins of Fukushima is locked in her spiritual quest to bridge east and west, feminine and masculine, and shadow and light in her mind. International premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Kyoka Tsukamoto
Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy Sat 28 Sept 6:15pm Sun 29 Sept 12:30 An intimate, candid look at the curious world of 95-year-old cookbook author and British expatriate Diana Kennedy. Standing barely five feet tall with a distinct English accent, Diana is a formidable critic of anyone who doesn’t agree with her views on Mexican culinary traditions, or, God forbid, doesn’t recycle. European premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Elizabeth Carroll
Platform Thu 19 Sept 6:15pm Sun 22 Sept 1pm The story of Shahrbanu, Sohaila, and Elaheh Mansourian, three sisters who are Wushu fighters. Born into a poor family, their father made them work in the fields to support the family. When their father left, they sought a better life – and joined the Iranian national Wushu team. UK premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Sahar Mosayebi
Souvenir Fri 20 Sept 8:45pm Sat 21 Sept 3:15pm A desperate and lonely young woman rents out her womb and carries a child for a couple of strangers. But when an accident happens, she takes extreme measures to fulfil her part of the deal. International premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Armond Cohen
Whores on Film Fri 27 Sept 8:30pm Sat 28 Sept 3:15pm In equal parts historical overview, critique, and homage, Whores on Film explores depictions of sex workers in cinema through the gaze of sex workers themselves, and makes clear that it matters who gets to tell the stories of marginalised people. World premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Juliana Piccillo
Youtopia Wed 25 Sept 6:15pm Thu 26 Sept 1pm 18-year-old Matilde lives a bleak life with her mother, Laura, making money through video chat stripshows. Ernesto is a wealthy man who roleplays online with sex workers. When Laura is forced to reveal her debts to Matilde, she makes a plan which unexpectedly involves Ernesto. UK premiere. Viva Voce: Stories of Women Berardo Carboni