8th Raindance Film Festival - Raindance

8th Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: Memento
Closing Night Film: It Was An Accident
Country Featured: Canada
Filmmaker In Residence:
Christopher Nolan 
Alexander Mackendrick Memorial Lecture: Stephen Frears and Kevin Macdonald

Key moments:
– Chris Nolan’s mother is overheard saying to her son, “Nice film Chris, but what was it about?” after the screening of Memento.
– Wayne Kramer flies in from New York to do a live gig as part of the Johnny Thunders tribute.
– Dogme 95 co-founder Kristian Levring’s premiere of The King Is Alive is the day before his daughter’s wedding to Nicholas Winding Refn, writer-director of Pusher which screened in 1997. Refn’s new film, FearX starring John Turturro is scheduled for completion end of 2002.
– The notoriously shy Stephen Frears has to be interrupted after two and a half hours of the first Alexander Mackendrick Memorial lecture.