7th Raindance Film Festival - Raindance

7th Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: Blair Witch Project
Closing Night Film: 
Country Featured: Yugoslavia
Filmmaker In Residence:
 Jarl Olsen

Key moments:
– Raindance has the English premiere of the Blair Witch Project. Over 200 paparazzi and twenty television crews descend on the Other Cinema (formerly the Metro) to snap celebrity guests including the directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez along with Noel Gallagher, Billy Zane, Dave Stewart and Jarvis Cocker
– Sarah Jessica Parker attends screenings. No one recognises her except a few American filmmakers.
– Goldie attends and introduces the screening of a documentary about himself.
– First year of Raindance Kids
– Raindance print traffic makes a spectacular cock-up when the receiving and forwarding addresses (written in Portugese) are inverted and a 35kg film print is sent to Rio instead of Damascus. The escapade ends up costing over £400 in air freight charges.