6th Raindance Film Festival - Raindance

6th Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: Razor Blade Smile
Closing Night Film: 
Six String Samurai
Country Featured: Greece

Key moments:
– Rutger Hauer attends to research his new website: haueraindance.com. Fortunately, he is persuaded to try another name.
– Raindance founder Elliot Grove surprises Susan George by greeting her with a loud ‘Hello Eunice”. He has mistaken her for Eunice Rogers – mum of Talia Rogers, one of the festival volunteers.
– The street marketing campaign features paper license plates blu-tacked to cars all over the West End
– Creation of the British Independent Film Awards
– Vinnie Jones succeeds in getting a member of the Raindance team thrown out by reporting him to the management for taking cocaine in the men’s toilet (he wasn’t). Peter Mullen jumps over the table and starts pummelling filmmaker James Pilkington for booing Ken Loach. They have to be pulled apart by security.