5th Raindance Film Festival - Raindance

5th Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: Pusher
Closing Night Film: 
Boogie Boy
Country Featured: France
Filmmaker In Residence: 
Shane Meadows

Key moments:
– 6 Day Movie is started on the first day of the festival, and shot in 35mm over six days, with six different directors, one of which ws Nicholas Winding Refn. The only creative limitation is that the same two actors have to be used by each director and returned to the same position in Leicester Square. The film is screened on the last night of the festival.
– Ewan Macgregor attends for the first time. He appears in a short.
– Lloyd Kaufman ends up doing a 75 minute standup routine in front of a packed house at the Prince Charles Cinema while the projector waiting to screen the world premiere of Tromeo and Julliet is repaired.
– ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser, recently freed after a detainment by Her Majesty for over forty years, attends with many of his ‘friends’ to see the screening of Table 5, the 35mm film produced by Raindance for £278.38, in which he stars.