4th Raindance Film Festival - Raindance

4th Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: Hard Core Logo
Closing Night Film: 
Festival Award Winners:
Country Featured: 
Filmmaker In Residence: 
Roger Corman

Key moments:
– An entire programme is devoted to the shorts of Shane Meadows. He self-titles the programme Crappy Shorts. One of them, Where’s The Money Ronnie becomes the calling card that convinces Bob Hoskins to star in 24/7.
– Roger Corman, filmmaker in residence on the Jose Cuervo sponsorship: “This stuff tastes like gasoline”
– Steve Wooley becomes so intoxicated on Jose Cuervo at the Live!Ammunition! pitching event that he storms out shaking a finger at festival organisers saying “I’ll never speak to you again” – which he didn’t for three years.
– Stel Pavlou pitches 51st State for the first time. In the audience is David Pupkevich – the film’s eventual producer.