3rd Raindance Film Festival - Raindance

3rd Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: Pulp Fiction
Closing Night Film: 
Flirting With Disaster
Festival Award Winners:
Country Featured: 
Great Britain

Key moments:
– What do you do if you are at the Raindance Film Festival and feel the call of nature? And then, what do you do if you are standing in the urinal next to Fine Young Cannibals’ Roland Gift? Why of course, you talk about films, filmmakers and musical scores.
– Everyone says year three of an event is the most difficult. This was no exception, with the festival reduced to screening at the Comedy Store during the daytime, and at the Crown Preview Theatre (now demolished and part of Mezzo) during the evenings. Nonetheless, over 1500 people attend the screenings. A featured strand is the Super 8 movies distributed in the States by Muther Video – run by the mother of Matt Devlen, one of the filmmakers. Titles include Polish Vampires in Burbank, and Revenge of the Red Hot Mutants, now cult classics.