2nd Raindance Film Festival - Raindance

2nd Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: The Pope Of Utah
Closing Night Film: 
Another Girl Another Planet
Country Featured: 

Key moments:
– Trey Parker arrives with a video copy of his first feature film: Alferd Packer – The Musical. Everyone who meets Trey knows he’s going to be huge . He stays for four days, during which time approximately five dozen people buy him drinks and food.
– At the Live!Ammunition! pitching event, American comedian Emo Philips pitches his 16mm film Meet the Parents, due to screen in two days time. Unknown to anyone, an executive from Columbia is in the audience and comes to the screening. He is so impressed that he buys the film: print, videotapes and all, and goes back to LA. A few months later he is fired (or, as they say in the film business – he left due to creative differences). Five years later, some interns were sent into the archives and come back with this curious film. Voila, Meet The Parents version two was born and became the number one box office hit in 2001.
– The British Premiere of Pulp Fiction