14th Raindance Film Festival - Raindance

14th Raindance Film Festival


Opening Night Film: Brothers Of The Head
Closing Night Film: 
Scenes Of A Sexual Nature

Festival Award Winners
Best UK Feature: London to Brighton. Director: Paul Andrew Williams.
Official Selection Feature: The Wind. Director: Eduardo Mignogna.
Short Film Of The Festival: Booth Story. Director: Edwin McGill, Kasimir Burgess.
Country Featured: India.

Filmmaker In Residence: Zhang Yuan

Key moments:
– In true Ramones style, Marky Ramone can be found signing autographs in the toilets
– Ralph Fienes, Samantha Morton and Mick Jones attend opening night
– The projector melts midway though a screening of A Clockwork Orange and producer Jesse Vile finally finds a DVD of the film at the HMV store downstairs.

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