13th Raindance Film Festival - Raindance

13th Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: The Devil And Daniel Johnston
Closing Night Film: 
Secuestro Express
Festival Award Winners:
 UK Feature: Rollin’ With The Nines
Int Feature: Canary
Debut: The Gingerbread Man
Doc: Attitude and Commendation for Riot On!
UK Short: Six Shooter
Int Short: A Monk’s Awakening
Tiscali Short Film Award: Cricker Crack
The Big Issue Short Film Award: The Ends
Film Of the FestivalRight Place 
Featured Country: 
Filmmaker In Residence: 
Jonathon Jakubowicz
Alexander Mackendrick Memorial LectureVanessa Redgrave

Key moments:
– Confusion surrounds whether Gingerbread man is fact or fiction.
– Billy Childish attends screening of Billy Childish is Dead
– Celebrity sell-out of Dead Girl, including Cherie Blair

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