28th Raindance Film Festival Trailer - Raindance

28th Raindance Film Festival Trailer

Raindance: Why We Made It

Gritty, edgy, downbeat and gloomy. No thanks, not this year. We wanted to celebrate the power of cinema to transform our emotions, to help us escape and to take us on an emotional journey far away from the here and now.

Working closely with Raindance’s founder, Elliot Grove, we crafted a film that was unapologetically upbeat and hopeful. Each year, Raindance showcases the best new and emerging talent from all over the world. We wanted to celebrate this diversity both in content and with our audiences. Raindance is truly the place to be discovered and the festival has unearthed some incredible talent in its rich history.

Like independent filmmakers, Raindance never gives up and for the first time we will showcase some of the most original and striking talent from around the world online. Even with Covid locking us away in our homes, cinema has a profound place in our hearts and this year Raindance will bring a little piece of that magical experience to everyone, everywhere.

Simon Hunter

Trailer Director

About the Director

Simon Hunter has directed over fifty tv commercials and three feature films. His directing debut was the horror movie LIGHTHOUSE in the year 2000 and he went on to direct the visual effects-laden sci-fi movie THE MUTANT CHRONICLES in 2008. Simon’s first feature, Lighthouse, was released theatrically in 2002. Simon subsequently became a much sort after commercials director before returning to features with Edward R Pressman’s Mutant Chronicles in the Summer of 2006. Simon flew to Qatar in 2014 to direct 20 episodes of a Scifi adventure series set in the desert. The filming takes place in Qatar, Jordan and India. In 2017 Simon directed his passion project, EDIE which tells the tale of an older lady who climbs a mountain in Scotland at the age of eighty-three. The film has had an enthusiastic and successful theatrical release in the UK and has sold to multiple territories. Simon lives in the German capital, Berlin. Since 1999 he has regularly lectured for RAINDANCE and other organisations.


1st Activist – Bailey Graham
Nurse – Hilary Lombardi
Chip Shop Laughing Guy – Niall Bishop
Girl in Isolation – Lilly Barrett
Boyfriend – Yinka Awoni
Shielding Couple Mum – Remi Fadare
Shielding Couple Dad – Andrew Francis
Daughter – Yenaba Sesay Davies
Couple on Balcony Woman 1  – Patricia Rovere De Santi
Couple on Balcony Woman 2 – Amelia Giovanelli
Man on Balcony – Marc Cameron
Spray Can Activist – Max Mcvey
3rd Activist – Simba Mutumha
4th Activist – Louis Bailey
5th Activist – Liam Alderdice-Grand
Chip Shop Queue Smiling Girl – Achiya Leach Hurst
Chip Shop Queue Girl 2 – Rebecca Faeryn
Chip Shop Queue Girl 3 – Zsiriah Thomas
Chip Shop Queue Man 1 – Martin Tunnicliffe Squirrel
Chip Shop Queue Man 2 – Joel Robinson
Balcony Folk:
Huang Peng
Rebecca Faeryn
Joel Robinson
Vanda Ledeira
Humphrey Lau
Leicester Square Audience:
Kiara Hurst
Melanie Thompson
Kellie Hurst
David Martinez
Elliot Grove
Martin Tunnicliffe Squirrel
Ufuk Gky
Justin Shevlin


Executive Producer  – Elliot Grove
Director – Simon Hunter
Producer –  Justin Shevlin
Director of Photography – Zoran Veljkovic
Editor – Olly Stothert
Lead VFX – Stig Coldham
Original Score – Rob Lewis
Assistant Producers – Kellie Hurst and Audrey Le Mignant
Art Director – Rendy Fontan
1st AD – Möch Buming
1st AC – Balthazar Veljkovic
Key Grip – Vanda Ledeira
Grip – Humphrey Lau
DIT – Ufuk Gky
3rd AD – Barbara Vonau
3rd AD – Martin Tunnicliffe Squirrel
Behind the Scenes Stills – Nina Caspari/ Roger Alarcon
Behind the Scenes Video – Ufuk Gky
Casting – Raindance Film School
Additional Casting – Jeremy Zimmerman and Jack Silver
Colourist – Michael Pearce
Sound Design – Callum Lau
Foley – Nick Hinton
Associate Producer – David Martinez
Post Producer – Arlinda Craven
VFX Producer – Ivor Sims
VFX Support – Roberto Aguilar
Production Company – Raindance Raw Talent
Offline Edit House – Flock Edit
Online Post House – Final Frame London
VFX – We Are Tilt

With Thanks to:
Josh Farrell, Naomi Chant at Westminster Council, Mark Williams at the Heart of London Business Alliance, Kaa, The Staff and Management of The Fryer’s Delight in Holborn, Video Europe Ltd and all of the residents at Chandos Court, Chalk Farm and 3 Upper Street, Islington.