26th Raindance Film Festival Trailer - Raindance

26th Raindance Film Festival Trailer

The trailer is created with support from the Independent Film Trust, directed by Hector M. Valdez director of the Film of the Festival 2017, Peaches.

As I toyed with many different concepts for the trailer, the one recurring element that always stuck was the festival’s motto of “discover, be discovered.” I wanted to make a film that, while serving as an entryway to a rarely seen version of life in the Caribbean, could also relay this phrase quite literally. The overall vision is that many great ideas can come from even the farthest corners of the world and, in the process, the unlikeliest of heroes step forth. With this in mind, the concept of a gang of young misfit scavengers led by a strong-willed girl finding an old movie projector was born. Representation matters now, more so than ever, and I believe that this has always been true to the festival’s mission statement.

Hector Valez

Trailer Director

About the Director

Hector M. Valdez (1989) began making short films with his cousins and closest friends at the age of 8 in his hometown of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, using his father’s old camcorder. He went on to study World Cinemas and Entrepreneurship at McGill University in Montreal, QC while interning at advertising and production companies in his home country during the summer and shooting several shorts in the process. Upon graduating in 2012, Hector returned to the Dominican Republic with the goal of making his first feature-length film, Al Sur de la Inocencia, which was a Yellow Robin nominee at the Curaçao-International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2014. Since then, Hector has gone on to work as executive producer on several features and documentaries and is one of the co-founders of Bou Group, a leading production company based in the Dominican Republic. As a director, he recently completed his second feature, Peaches, which won Film of the Festival at the 2017 Raindance Film Festival and is still making rounds in the festivals circuit.



The Scavengers:
Viviana Baltazar
Leah de León
Diego Yunes
Romeo Vargens
Saina Lundy


Director – Hector M. Valdez
1st AD – Alessia Seravalle
Writer – Hector M. Valdez
Original Idea – Hector M. Valdez, Pascal Alama
Producer – Pascal Alama
Line Producer – Kendy Yanoreth
Production Supervisor – Sheila Rodriguez
Production Assistant – Ricardo Soto
Set PA – Reyna Mendoza
Director of Photography – Sebastian Cabrera
1st AC – Jan Guedez
2nd AC – Jose Joaquin Ortiz
DIT – Luis Duque
VideoAssist – Samuel de la Paz
Behind the Scenes – Joseph Rodriguez
Gaffer – Deyvi Nieves
Electrical – Antonio Gener Campusano
Grip 1 – Gener Antonio Campusano
Grip 2 – Jose Altagracia Batista
Power Plant – Piter Moreno
Sound Recordist – Norman Estepan (Sonoro Films)
Wardrobe – Alina Julia
Wardrobe Assistant – Fanny Almonte
Art Director – Karla Groizard
Art Assisant – Henry Viola
Makeup – Ana María Andrickson
Casting Director – Valerie Hernandez
Location Manager – Pablo Cavallo
Locations Assistant – Vicmayri Perez
Crafts Services – Francys Bautista
Craw Van Driver – Santiago Ramos
Production Van Driver – Kerly Diaz
Cast Van Driver – Rodrig Rodriguez
Camera Van Driver – Geovanny Mieses
Security – ASESA
Editor – Hans Lendeborg
Original Score – Andres Rodriguez
Post Supervisor – Joey Rodriguez
Color Correction – Sebastian Cabrera
Sound Mix – Andres Rodriguez
Character Design – Luigi Paredes
VFX by Lone Coconut
VFX Supervisor: Guillermo Molina
VFX Producer: Ricky Gluski
Lead Compositor: Argenis Santos
Rotoscoping: Ever Ryan and Arbin Santos
VFX Production Coordinator: Karla Sanchez
Production Company: Bou Group