25th Raindance Film Festival Trailer - Raindance

25th Raindance Film Festival Trailer

The inspiration behind this year’s Official Festival trailer stemmed from the idea of deconstructing cinema.

We’ve all seen films where we see a director call ‘cut’ on the scene and then we realize we’re in a movie. I thought it would be funny to take it another step further and show another director calling cut on that director and so on. You don’t quite know what is truth or what is reality and you just keep stripping the layers off of what a film is and the people involved in that film. I wanted to make a comedy – something that fun”. – Rick Darge

About the Director

Rick Darge (1982) began shooting short films with his younger siblings at the age of 12 in his home town of Napa Valley. After graduating from USC Film School in 2004, he worked as a cinematographer and editor, working on hundreds of short films, music videos and features. In 2007 he won an Emmy Award for his work on the acclaimed Broadband Drama, Satacracy 88. In 2016, Rick Darge completed his first feature length film, ZEN DOG, which won several awards including Film of the Festival at the 2016 Raindance Film Festival. 


Writer – Richard Riehle
Mary – Rebecca Reid
Cinematographer – Stuart Macleod
Boom Operator – Michael Cavanaugh
Foley Artist #1 – Jim Carrozo
Foley Artist #2 – Damien Monier
Makeup Girl #1 – Leah Russell
Makeup Girl #2 – Gabrielle Korte
Editor – Charlie Fay
Mearl – Jodi Taffel
David – David Ayala
Machete – Machete Bang Bang
Director Leonard – Ayinde Howell
Director Peter – Rick Darge
Director Jen – Jennifer Daley
Director Chris – Chris Candy
Director Naz – Naseer Astanboos
Director Alexandria – Akemi Look


Writer / Director – Rick Darge
Produced by – Rick Darge, Damien Monier, Machete Bang Bang
Director of Photography – Richie Trimble
Production Sound – Fletcher Alliston
Production Design – Shawn Smith & Leah Russell
PA – Roger Martinez & Eli Sanchez
Editor – Richard Gonzalez
Visual FX – Antoine Combelles
Composer – William Ryan Fritch
Sound Designer – Fletcher Alliston
Colorist – Alastor Pan Arnold