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Raindance Gallery

26th Raindance Opening Night

26th Raindance Photo Album

                                   26th Raindance Closing Night

14 Raindance Gems Streaming on UK Netflix Right Now

Attending a film festival is always such a unique experience, from the award ceremonies, to the parties, galas, filmmakers’ panels and, of course, the screenings themselves. But that doesn’t mean that you can enjoy these films only during the festival – many of them...

Why Filmmakers Submit Early To Film Festivals – 7 Reasons

You've finished your short, feature or documentry - congratulations - it's festival submission time! Submit early! This is when you cross your fingers and toes and hope you get selected. Here at Raindance Film Festival we've had a quarter of a century dealing with...

26th Raindance Highlights

Raindance films are dances of protest and our short films and documentaries are poems of insurrection. Raindance films edify dissent. Raindance celebrates filmmakers who challenge society, who celebrate freedom, and embrace diversity, artists who revolt against the...