You’ve got your script, you’ve got your actors, you’ve even got your equipment, and then it hits you: Budweiser probably won’t want their products shown in your film.

Now the dream is to convince the brand that your film is going to be fantastic, and if you use their product in it millions of people will see it and crave an icy cold beer. However, what if your film shows alcohol in a bad light (apparently drinking too much can be bad for you, who knew?) and showing a particular brand could potentially damage them.

So what the hell are you going to do?

You’re going to use a fake product, that’s what.


Liz Lemon enjoying everyone’s favourite snack Sabor De Soledad

Now what you’re probably thinking is “I’m a filmmaker, not a brand supervisor, I can’t make up fake products”, that’s where the website film sourcing comes in. They have a whole archive of downloadable files from beer bottle labels to fake boarding passes that can be printed out and used to your hearts content.

You can find the link to the website here, so what’s your excuse? Go out and make that movie!

Check out the video below to see the beer bottle and boarding pass explained by Elliot Grove.




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