Expose Yourself: Cinema 2.0 - Raindance

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What are you waiting for? Show Yourself Off Today!

By reversing the standard old school paradigm of the theatrical exposure first, your new Cinema 2.0 release should embrace social media and direct peer-to-peer engagement as your primary contact for new audiences.

Consider reversing the exposure of your work and how it is presented to a worldwide audience. Start Online First.

Get online FIRST and start showing your work FOR FREE.


  • Leverage YouTube and give your work away if you’re an emerging artist. Disable COMMENTS if you’re nervous.
  • Upload your content to every Torrent site you can find. Get your stuff out!
  • Host your film online and send out free copies via social media networks. Use vhx.tv for online hosting purposes.
  • Provide audiences with a chance to connect with you as an EMERGING ARTIST. Have a valid website online. Have a valid FB, Twitter and consistent Social Media presence. Your name is your brand. USE IT EVERYDAY as you share online.
  • Gird your loins, as the haters will come out with knives. Ignore them. Keep calm and carry on. Promote. Advocate. Showcase and REPEAT. Build up your subscription base.



  • Build a site on http://www.vhx.tv and set up a rental and sales portal to sell your work using Cinema 2.0 suggested pricing. More about VHX later. Just know that I use it and a lot of other filmmakers are taking advantage of their unique online model.
  • Send out your free screening copies to every blogger, reviewer and audience member you can think of to build awareness, branding and audience specific responses.
  • Join social media groups (Facebook.com, www.linkedin.com, www.tumbler.com, www.twitter.com, www.raindance.org) and create an authentic dialogue with like-minded cinema enthusiasts before uploading requests for purchase or promotion. Don’t just show up and start posting advertisements for your film. Cultivate a REAL interest in the group and they will work with you and become supporters over time. #firstdatemanners


  • These will continue to grow with specialty niches and associated branded outlets for you to submit material to. Traditional film festivals are now more interested in movies and money and you have a limited chance of being selected for the prestige events.
  • Look to next online frontiers of http://www.viewster.com, http://www.fandor.com, and other-genre specific curated film festival opportunities for showcasing your work. Online film festivals continue to grow. Even the mainstream terrestrial festivals are hosting an online component. Look to this to evolve even further and deeper as broadband Internet access spreads worldwide.
  • Promote your own website in conjunction with an event specific to the style of your film. Find a new media partner that celebrates the same content and ideas as you and join together in a cross-branded showcase. Sin brands (alcohol and tobacco) are always looking for new events to sell their wares. Be a hi-class pimp for high-test spirits or a new brand of cigarettes to promote your new film noir picture. Design an online edited version of your film allowing it to play in installments and add daily or weekly as interests and promotions allow. Think brand promotions that make sense for your specific cinema. #findasponsor

Check out sites like TOFF (The Online Film Festival), Top Shorts, Short List Film Festival and stop waiting for the magic limousine to roll up with a distribution deal.