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Everybody flies has been a massive success…

Where does the air you breathe on a plane come from? Do you know? I was ill health retired as an airline Captain from exposures to contaminated air on aircraft. Something passengers are never told about and know very little about. When you last flew did they tell you in the pre-flight demo that the air you breathe comes unfiltered from the engines and it will be contaminated in varying degree with engine oils and those oils come in cans that say ‘Do not breathe mist or vapour from heated product’? Next time you fly and you smell a dirty socks kind of smell – you will know your breathing in oil fumes. It can be subtle to notice but look out for it. There’s no extra charge for the experience 🙂

I went to NFTS and Raindance and said I need to tell my story, people need to know the truth about aviation’s best kept secret. Elliot Grove listened and made it very clear that film has the power to motivate, mobilise and bring about changes in society for important public interest issues. What I remember looking back is Elliott’s ‘anything is possible attitude’ something I totally agree with. In many ways you make your own destiny.

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I attended many courses with Raindance and set up Fact Not Fiction Films in 2006. My first film ‘Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines’ triggered a call for a public enquiry in the UK but nothing changed so we started to make a new documentary about the issue – it took 5 years but the project became two new films ‘Everybody Flies’ and ‘American 965’ – the later was finished on 1 January 2021 and will be represented by the new distributor, BossaNova Media.

‘Everybody Flies’ premiered at Raindance in 2019 with a standing ovation. The film was then released with Everyman cinemas and audiences were shocked about the truths about the air you breathe on aircraft. It was due to have a selected theatrical release in the US but COVID is not co-operating but it will screen when safe.

The good news is that ‘Everybody Flies’ has been submitted for consideration at the 2021 Academy Awards and 2021 BAFTA’s and of course people are learning what airlines never tell them. Elliott was right – with film everything is possible. Thank you Raindance and thank you Elliott for all your help and being part of the journey – Fly informed.

I will keep making films about this until they fix the problem.

-Tristan Loraine

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Tristan Loraine was a British Airways captain when he was ill health retired after breathing contaminated air on aircraft, a year after completing them Ironman Triathlon. Keen to tell his story and increase public awareness of a design flaw in aircraft; he retrained at Raindance and the National Film and Television School (NFTS) and set up his production banner Fact Not Fiction Films in 2006.