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FreeOne of the tasks of a film producer seeking finance is to derisk their project in order to show potential clients their film project is less likely to lose money.

The UK has excellent tax advantages, if used properly. The main UK tax scheme is called  the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) – and this programme allows for 5 different types of tax releif to investors in small companies, of which film production is a qualifying business.

Restrictions to this programme are explained in detail in our Movie Money class – which is Week 5 of the Producer’s Foundation Certificate. This class is soon to be available online.

A successful investor strategy is to amortise their investment over a series of projects commonly described as slate finance. Raindance has developed a handy Exel widget that allows you to calculate the rate fo return to an investor who puts, for example, £5,000 into a series of ten investments rather than a single investment of £50,000 into one. The widget allows you to, for example, calculate the return should only one make money, 4 break even and 5 lose everything.

This really useful tool is available FREE by emailing live@raindance.co.uk.
Please put: EIS INDIE FILMMAKER RISK ASSESSOR in the subject line. A human being will respond with the download when they collect your email.

Enjoy, and happy film financing.



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