It’s the Easter Sale! Why not celebrate the long Easter weekend and benefit from a series of deep Raindance discounts on our mouth-watering film courses? Nine terrific filmmaking and screenwriting courses challenge you to explore your creativity.

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Explore your creativity

Easter Sale Must End April 4th!

1. Write and Sell the Hot Script

Saturday Sunday 14/15th April 10 am – 5 pm
Let Elliot Grove take you on the perilous journey from that movie idea that’s been eating your brain – to a piece of paper and then to the big screen
RRP £299 Easter Sale – Save 50% or £149.94

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2. The Independent Filmmaker’s Ball 

Wednesday 18th of April 7 pm – 2 am
Proceeds from the evening will go to the Independent Film Trust – a charity providing film training to those without the necessary means.
RRP £21.00 Easter Sale – Save 20% [ £16.80 ]

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3. Comedy Intensive with Steve Kaplan

A rare chance to study the basic principals of comedy with one of America’s leading experts, Steve Kaplan. Don’t miss this rare and unique oppoetunity to study with a master. **Only 4 places at this special price.

RRP £299.94 Easter Sale! Save 20% [ £59.99] Raindance Members save 40% [£109.98

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4. Filmmakers Foundation Certificate

Five Tuesday nights from  Tuesday, June 5th, from 6:30 – 9 pm
There is no better introduction than this! How to write, produce, direct and shoot your first film.
RRP £236.00 Easter Sale – Save 20% [ £46.80] Raindance Members save 40% [£93.60] 

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5. Writers’ Foundation Certificate

Five Wednesday nights from Wednesday June 6th from 6:30 – 9 pm
Learn how to get your movie ideas out of their head and onto paper – the way professional screenwriters do.
RRP £236.00 Easter Sale – Save 20% [ £46.80] Raindance Members save 40% [£93.60]

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6. Directors’ Foundation Certificate

Five Thursday nights from Thursday, June 7th from 6:30 – 9 pm
This is it! Get the lowdown on how to extract great performances from your screen actors.
RRP £236.00 Easter Sale – Save 20% [ £46.80] Raindance Members save 40% [£93.60]

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Easter Sale Must End April 4th


7. Let Me Direct Masterclass

Saturday/Sunday 9/10 June from 10am – 5pm
This is the essential ‘How To Direct’ class with Simon Hunter. Learn to direct films and how to handle crews from big to micro budgets.
RRP £299.94 Easter Sale! Save 20% [ £59.99] Raindance Members save 40% [£109.98]

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8. Hands-On Summer School

11 days from July 28th
Study with professional filmmakers. Write scripts. Make shorts. and learn the ins and outs of VR. All in 11 action-packed days.
RRP £1147.00 Easter Sale – Save 20% [£229.40]

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Easter Sale Must End April 4th

9. Ate de Jong Directing Masterclass

Saturday/Sunday 28/29 July from 10am – 5pm
Spend a weekend with one of Europe’s most prolific directors, Ate de Jong – the writer-director of the cult classic Drop Dead Fred.
RRP £299.94 Easter Sale – Save 20% [ £59.99] Raindance Members save 40% [£109.98]

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