Discontinue - A New Kind Of Webseries - Raindance

When you think web series, you think eight to twelve minute narrative. Discontinue is an hour long drama filled with rich characters and interconnected story lines that will have the audience gasp.

The story follows Marcus Mills, a family man and construction business owner who has a secret life as a “cleaner” for the most powerful gangs and mob bosses in Toronto. When war is declared between his employers, Marcus has to find a way to pick a side and keep his family safe and in the dark.

Just like any film or television show, it’s really a love story. The journey behind the scenes spares no cliche. A young couple decide to collaborate on a project together. Thomas Scott just a year ago decided to quit his job in construction to focus solely on his screenwriting career. Angela Cavallin is an actress and comedy writer waiting tables. Their love for writing brought them together that lead to writing a feature children’s animation film.

“We worked really well together on that project, so that we kept it going”. Says Cavallin. “One morning Tom told me about an idea he had in his head while listening to a song. What became an idea of doing a six minute short film about a serial killer, quickly evolved into a web series about a “cleaner”. He then turned to me and said, “I would really love to play the lead”. I had no doubt he would pull it off. There’s no stopping this man when he puts his mind to something”. Cavallin took a role as director and co- writer.

After deciding to move forward with the idea, they attached film producer, Lee Foster to the project. Within twenty days they went from concept to production of the trailer. The trailer showcases an exciting cast filled with Toronto talent (Thomas Scott plays Marcus Mills, Rachel Ikiani plays his lovely wife Sarah, Andrew Fleming plays his close friend and lawyer Lawrence, Murray Urquhart plays his betrayed colleague Sean, Dawn Sadler plays the bad ass mafia queen Maria, John Marcucci plays gang boss Diego, Nick Biskupek plays Marcus’ drug addicted friend Jordan, Cheryl Poirier plays Marcus’ smart-ass assistant and Lescia Andrews plays his adorable daughter) that you instantly fall in love with.

“We casted an incredibly talented group of actors. We had much help from our friend Michael Chwastiak in the casting department. Every actor is absolutely perfect for each role and we couldn’t be happier”.

With so much changing right now in the rules of television, they felt it was time to do something for themselves as artists. “With all the changes going on in the industry, there’s so much room to do something ground-breaking and different. We wanted to steer away from the web series genre (nothing against web series itself). It was something we felt didn’t work for us and decided to make an hour long drama series that will be seen online”.

Cavallin and Scott released the trailer December 19, 2014 and the response has been incredible. All six episodes are written for the season and they are now on the hunt for investors and executive producers.

“We want to have the chance to say to people, look what we can create and with a modest budget. We want this series to be our calling card to prove to people that we can pull off an hour drama and have the writing and acting really shine through. We made the trailer with only $300. There is nothing we can’t do. It will get done!”

You can check out the trailer on YouTube and check up on the progress of the show on Twitter @DiscontinueShow, Facebook page and website, https://discontinueshow.wordpress.com.