D.I.Y Filmmaking - Raindance


It’s never been easier to make movies with little money, have a watch of these selected few tutorials for D.I.Y filmmaking, why spend loads on equipment when you can just make it yourself?


Bullet Time Effect

We’ve all seen the huge camera rigs for bullet time effects, and a lot of us have been put off doing them due to the amount of equipment needed. But, here we learn how to create the effect with a single Go Pro and Ceiling fan! They call it “Ghetto Bullet Time”.


Doorway Dolly

Doorway dolly’s cost on average around £1000. Now why pay that when you can make it yourself for a lot less? Quite a few people on the Indie film scene have been building their own dolly’s for a few years now, using skateboard wheels, wood, and a few extra bits and pieces. Humphrey Bande takes us through the process of creating his own.



Again, something that just isn’t worth spending a whole bunch of money on when you could make it yourself! Dustin McLean shows us how to create our own Softbox for around £5.


Boom pole

Introducing you to: The Crappie Boom! A boom pole made with a Crappie fishing rod! (Crappie being the brand, for those of you who are unaware)

This easy-to-build, lightweight boom pole is said to be one of the best for filmmakers on a budget!


Shoulder Mount

A shoulder mount is a great bit of equipment to have with you on set, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to know that you can make one yourself for under £25! YouTubes Film Riot show us exactly how in this tutorial.