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Another creative tool from Raindance!

Can you create  movie titles from this handy toolkit and write the logline and synopsis in no more than 50 words?

Get your creative juices going and send to by the end of the day on May 31st for a chance to win a Raindance Tee Shirt in 100% cotton (and 1000% cool).

The best three will be read out at Live!Ammunition! in London on June 1st!


Another creative tool from Raindance

Thanks to everyone who submitted! There were lots of great entries.

The runner up:

Final Danger

She kicks, he bumps, she scores; right on spot. With limit to time, all she had was her hands and feet, but this was her final game and she must win.

A girl in a maze ahead of other competitors is about to face the final challenge.

By Cindy Huynh


First Flight

Born to fly.

Success a birthright.

Or is it?

Locked in a room in downtown New York, Sia contacts childhood sweetheart Mash — ex-poker player turned actor. Via Skype they re-kindle their passion for adventure (and each other) and together escape the deadly fear matrix of the new world.

By Natasha Chawla

Have you got a better one? Put it in the comments box below!

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