Create a stunning film using your iPhone - Raindance

Tangerine‘ directed by Sean Baker has been categorised one of the best films screened at this years Sundance Film Festival and certainly proves that you can create stunning cinematography using your iPhone. After doing a bit of research on this film, we’ve decided to put together a few gadgets and apps which will help you create your own dazzling film using your phone!


GripTight GorillaPod stand

Fitting all best-selling smartphones, this flexible tripod will grip your device safely and securely to capture footage from various angles and heights. Great for when you’re on the go, it is compact and foldable and gives the flexibility to create any shot you can think of.

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GripTight GorillaPod stand

Camera table dolly

Track and Pan like a pro with this compact, affordable dolly. With an adjustable friction arm, you’re able to shoot at different angles. Attach your phone by simply clamping it down.

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Easy-Macro lens band

This 5 star rated product will give you amazingly detailed close-ups, all from your iPhone. The product is a soft, elastic band with a built-in 4x magnifying macro lens that wraps perfectly and easily around your device and fits comfortably and conveniently in your pocket so it is always ready and with you.

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Mobile lighting kit

This pro lighting set up for all of you phoneographers will have you properly lighting things, all the time, just the way you want them. The kit consists of a Pocket spotlight, pocket reflector, rainbow filter set and a guide to lighting (to help you get the most out of your kit)

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Filmic Pro

This award winning 2x Video Camera App of the Year will turn your iOS camera into a 2K HD video camera. With manual controls for ISO, shutter speed, focus, pulling focus, temperature and more. The app allows you to shoot at 1080p with encoding options 16, 24, 32 and 48mbps.



A professional shot listing and scheduling app for your iPhone, keep it all accessible in one place instead of fiddling around with piles of paper! Also, with the ability to sync your project with your entire crew, add storyboards to every shot, and import scripts to save time building projects, your shooting day is sure to be a lot easier.



A ridiculously easy platform to splice your shots together. Also use it to add titles, music, voiceovers and photos to your film.


Know of any more cool Gadgets/Apps? Drop a comment below and let us know.