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The Lockdown Session: Writing the Quarantine-Friendly Proof-of-Concept Short Film

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What do WhiplashThe BabadookMama and Lights Out have in common?

They all started with powerful CONTAINED proof-of-concept short films which required minimal cast, locations and resources.

Proof-of-concept short films differ from stand-alone short films because they are a window into a larger project. Even in the best of circumstances, they are usually made with limited resources and very much in vogue in an industry where a strong script might not be enough to convince investors to let an unproven director helm the film. 

Proof-of-concept short films allow filmmakers to not only showcase their concept but also to practice for a larger project. In this time of quarantine, they can offer a perfect creative outlet for filmmakers aspiring to practice their craft and create a launchpad for their feature films.

Now we are all self-isolating at home it might be the right time to design a POC short film you could film in your garage, garden, apartment, with your flatmates, with your GoPro camera or your phone or to write a story you could tell through a computer screen.

But regardless of the scope of your project the key questions remain the same and will be covered in this one-hour course:
– How do you distil down your feature film concept to its essence?

– How do you create a short film with a beginning, a middle and an end OR a scene which showcases the potential of your idea in a way that other means of pitching could never come close to?

– How do you do it in such a way that the end result can be filmed within the confines of the limited resources you have available in this time of quarantine?

About the tutor

Originally from France, Stéphanie Joalland holds a Masters in Business from Audencia Nantes. She began her career in story development at TF1 International and Canal Plus, worked as a story editor on TF1 animated series such as Emmy-nominated Pet Aliens, wrote live-action TV scripts, created a Sci-Fi animated series for Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp for Canal Plus: Valerian & Laureline based on the comics. After directing short films in France she moved to Los Angeles to study filmmaking at UCLA, graduated in 2008 then set up a UK-based production company Frenzy Films with fellow UCLA alumnus Sean McConville. She wrote, directed and produced her first feature The Quiet Hour starring Dakota Blue Richards and Karl Davies which premiered at Galway Film Fleadh, was nominated for Best British Film at Raindance, Best International Film at Sofia Film Festival, won Best Feature at Kansas City Filmfest, showcased at Newport Beach, premiered on Sky Cinema in the UK in 2016, and sold to multiple territories including the U.S. She is currently pre- producing Sean McConville’s upcoming thriller The Last Moon and developing her sophomore film, Ice, a contained science-driven sci-fi thriller, which was selected for the 2019 JETS Co-Production Initiative during Berlinale where it was voted Best UK Project. ICE was also one of 6 projects selected as part of the Second Film section of the 2020 Sofia Meetings Co-production market during the Sofia International Film Festival and has made the Top 50 in the 2020 ISA Fast Track Fellowship Competition in the U.S. She is an alumna of Berlinale Talents and IFP Emerging Narrative in NYC.

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7 reviews for The Lockdown Session: Writing the Quarantine-Friendly Proof-of-Concept Short Film

  1. guyrenardeau (verified owner)

    Cool session

  2. Cian O’Leary (verified owner)

    Great session with some really helpful tips and advice.

  3. catherine.halder (verified owner)

    Really well paced and produced lecture with a clear focus and advice on how to produce PoC’s which I, like some others I guess, had never thought of.

  4. Desiree Faust

    This is a content packed exceptionally important course for a developing film maker with a shirts to feature focus! I wish I did it many years ago…Would love to do the longer version one day very soon!

  5. BEATRICE COLBRANT (verified owner)

    What an interesting meeting with Ms Stephanie Joalland about a concept totally new to me, the proof of concept short film, a short movie, a sort of extended trailer, aimed at showing a studio what you can accomplish. This can sometimes lead to a big budget film. I have to say that, humble moi, a French national, thought I would be attending a conference about short films, so I was even more interested to discover this new concept, even more so that the subject was illustrated with many interesting examples, a great incentive for would be film makers, and a very good start too. I also got to exchange a few words with our interesting speaker who, realising that I was inadvertently launching a parallel subject about short films, gracefully adapted to my questions which were slightly out of context here.This is what I call elegance. Added to that Ms Joalland who is French speaks English with a wonderful English accent, making it possible for everyone to understand everything very clearly, not like me who is more of the Inspector Clouseau school of English and generally ends my day with people asking me to say again what I have just said… A graceful speaker and a great presentation, the discovery of a totally new field for me, a generous and understanding Q and A, an exchange between the speaker and the attendees, all of this a charming and unexpected surprise even more so appreciated in these lockdown days. This inspired presentation will remain an excellent memory. Merci

  6. mark playle (verified owner)

    All of the above and some and thank you for a wonderful interlude to an otherwise dull and boring Thursday

    Thanks again
    Mark & Trisha

  7. Barbara Vonau

    Excellent session. Concise, to the point and inspiring, deliverd by a very inspiring speaker. Thank you!

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