The Lockdown Sessions: Writing the 5-dimensional Character

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Complex and memorable characters aren’t just three dimensional, but five dimensional.
In this hour-long workshop we’ll draw on examples of some of the most memorable characters in screen fiction to investigate what those five dimensions are, and how we can use them to develop more realistic and engaging characters.
Bring along ideas for a character you’re developing and be prepared to workshop them in this class.
Who is the session for?
Writers of all stages who want to develop more engaging characters.
What will you learn?
The Big Five dimensions of personality and how to apply them
How to create complexity and nuances in your characters
Why some characters are more memorable than others
How the Big Five dimensions shape the way that your characters behave, experience the world, relate to others and even speak

About presenter Kira-Anne Pelican

The Lockdown Sessions: Writing Characters Under Pressure

I am a script consultant, a researcher and a lecturer in screenwriting, with 25 years of experience working in the British, American and Chinese film and TV industries.

I began my career assisting director Stanley Kubrick in the production of Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Next followed a stint working within the BBC’s ground-breaking Virtual Studios department, after which I took posts as a Visual Effects Technical Director and then VFX Producer for ESC Entertainment, a Warner Bros company. After assisting in the production of The Matrix Revolutions (2003)The Matrix Reloaded (2003)Catwoman (2004) and The Ladykillers (2004), I retrained in screenwriting at UCLA. I wrote two original TV series which were optioned and developed by the BBC and ITV, before founding my screenplay consultancy in 2006. Since then I have worked with hundreds of writers and producers across the world. In 2017, I was awarded a PhD for my research into forecasting a film’s box office from its narrative.

Creative areas of interest 

I am interested in using psychological approaches towards the creation of compelling and believable characters; cross-cultural universals in film narratives and box office forecasting from the screenplay.

Mentoring strengths

As an experienced script consultant, my strengths are in understanding character, story and structure and how these work together to create emotionally engaging films.

Kira Anne also teaches Moneybal for Filmmakers and Invstors and Deep Characterisation Masterclass at Raindance

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The Lockdown Sessions: Writing the 5-dimensional Character

  1. Teresa Duran (verified owner)

    Great session. I actually learnt a lot in one hour.

  2. Jelena (verified owner)

    Kira-Anne was great.
    It was short and sweet and def looking forward to her next workshop.
    She is knowledgeable, relatable and precise.


    An excellent webinar and a very high level of analysis from the cinematographic and psychological view points from Ms Kira-Anne Pelican. A refined, well structured and detailed presentation from an enthusiastic speaker who really made the most of the session and offered an exhaustive package which can now be studied further at different levels. A wonderful association of cinematographic suggestions and Freudian references around the diversity of characters among human beings and the various components of emotions within an individual. Not since my days of psychology at university level had I heard such a precise and exact presentation of the extraordinary and compelling aspects of the human soul this time as a possible cinematographic content. The quality of this webinar was truly exceptional. A friendly and approachable speaker taking questions most gracefully and I will no doubt further my knowledge by reading Ms Pelican s book “The science of writing characters”. One of the best incentive moments of the year.

  4. Michelle Cullen (verified owner)

    Excellent class. Very informative and useful.

  5. Sarah Hardy (verified owner)

    Swift and informative session on creating rounded characters, from a psychological perspective. I’ll definitely be looking out for more sessions by Kira-Anne.

  6. Nicholas Ryan Purcell

    From Nicholas in Tipperary Ireland. @nrp2015
    Having online courses in film production has genuinely helped me learn more in the most convenient way possible. The tutors lay everything out in the most helpful and educational way for the learner to understand and follow. I write the notes whilst the tutor is speaking. Thank you to the Raindance team and tutors, especially Elliot Grove and Denise

  7. Susanne (verified owner)

    A lot of input and ideas for one short hour, I appreciate that! Technical side was not so smooth, we waited for half an hour for the session to begin, but these circumstances are new to all of us.

  8. Julia Warren

    Excellent; having attended the 2-day workshop on deep characterisation earlier this year, I found this a great way to refresh and re-focus for my own work. Warmly recommended!

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.