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[NEW] Writing for the Big and Small Screens Masterclass:  How to turn your idea, story or novel into a film, TV show, web series, and more!

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Sunday 23 June
Address: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, London, WC2N 5PE
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Writing for the Big and Small Screens:  How to turn your idea, story or novel into a film, TV show, web series, and more!

Ever dreamed of seeing your idea, story, or novel become a motion picture or TV series? With so many platforms for screen story telling, there’s never been a better time to make the transition to screenwriting. This seminar will show you what it takes to adapt and develop your idea, story or novel into a film or TV show. Learn how to take your idea, short story, play, or novel and craft it for the screen, an insider’s view of how the Hollywood industry works, and secrets for breaking into the biz. Taught by Hollywood-based film and TV scribe, Jennifer Dornbush, who has penned feature films, developed several television drama series, adapted scripts to novel (and vice versa), and created a kid’s TV show.

Who should attend?

  • Writers who want to know how to write for media.
  • Writers who are looking to adapt their work for film or TV.
  • Authors who want to transition into writing for the screen.
  • Writers who want to know if they have what it takes to be a screenwriter.
  • Writers who want a current overview of the entertainment industry and where to pitch

What you’ll learn:

  • How to know if your project is a good fit for film or TV
  • How to nurture great ideas!
  • Structure & formatting for film and TV.
  • How to develop your compelling heroes for screen.
  • How to go from idea to film or TV series.
  • How the film & TV industry works & secrets for breaking in.
  • What an agent or manager can (and should) do for you.
  • Dozens of “insider” resources to launch your career.

About the tutor

Few people know more about crime writing than our special guest, Jennifer Dornbush. Jennifer lives and works in Los Angeles as a film and TV writer. Her work has placed her on the short lists of the Fox/Blacklist TV Program, Final Draft Big Break, Nichols, Austin, American Zoetrope, and NBC’s Writers on the Verge. Her half-hour forensic comedy, Home Bodies, received a Humanitas’ New Voices Award. She also won first place with Baby First TV to create a bi-lingual kid’s show.

She teaches seminars and speaks on writing crime fiction for screen and novel, surviving and thriving the artist’s life, the novelization process of scripts, crime scene science, forensic fundamentals, and death investigation. You can read more about her work here: www.jenniferdornbush.com.

Jennifer frequently consults with crime writers on shows such as: Beauty & The Beast, Deception, Hawaii Five-O, Leverage, Rectify, Revolution, Suits, White Collar, and Conviction.

Jennifer hosts a YouTube channel on forensics and screenwriting and has developed webinars through Writer’s Digest and Script Magazine. She teaches forensics and screenwriting seminars to writers all around the globe and has mentored writers through the Act One Program, Regent University, and Università Cattolica Milano.

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3 reviews for


[NEW] Writing for the Big and Small Screens Masterclass:  How to turn your idea, story or novel into a film, TV show, web series, and more!

  1. Nick Kendrick

    Extremely informative from an experienced writer. Great question answering. Learned a huge amount.

  2. Peter Tonks

    Informative and inspiring. The best Seminar I have ever attended.

  3. Barbara

    It was an interesting and informative day. I would have liked the slides and handouts to correlate more closely but the exercises were useful, e.g. Analysing a short film using the Blake Snyder beat sheet. Closer correlation to the UK market would have been useful as well as being told beforehand to watch reference movies or series so the discussions could be joined and understood by all.

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