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The Lockdown Sessions: Writing Characters Under Pressure

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Developing great characters can be challenging even during the easiest of times. But when you’re trying to write a memorable character during a worldwide pandemic, let’s just say that it probably feels like the pressure is on.

In this hour-long class we’ll look at some psychological techniques to help enhance your creativity and maintain your focus. And we’ll also look how your characters are likely to behave when THEY’RE under pressure in your screenplays. Because at the heart of every great film, TV series or novel is a character under pressure.

So how do people behave under stress, and how can you utilise this to make your stories work even better?

Who is the session for?

Writers of all stages who want to develop more engaging characters.

What will you learn?

Psychological techniques to help enhance your creativity and focus

How people of all different personality types respond to pressure, and how you can use this to create more engaging and believable characters.

How pressure contributes to the way that people change, and what we can learn from this when developing realistic and memorable character arcs

About presenter Kira-Anne Pelican

The Lockdown Sessions: Writing Characters Under Pressure

I am a script consultant, a researcher and a lecturer in screenwriting, with 25 years of experience working in the British, American and Chinese film and TV industries.

I began my career assisting director Stanley Kubrick in the production of Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Next followed a stint working within the BBC’s ground-breaking Virtual Studios department, after which I took posts as a Visual Effects Technical Director and then VFX Producer for ESC Entertainment, a Warner Bros company. After assisting in the production of The Matrix Revolutions (2003)The Matrix Reloaded (2003)Catwoman (2004) and The Ladykillers (2004), I retrained in screenwriting at UCLA. I wrote two original TV series which were optioned and developed by the BBC and ITV, before founding my screenplay consultancy in 2006. Since then I have worked with hundreds of writers and producers across the world. In 2017, I was awarded a PhD for my research into forecasting a film’s box office from its narrative.

Creative areas of interest 

I am interested in using psychological approaches towards the creation of compelling and believable characters; cross-cultural universals in film narratives and box office forecasting from the screenplay.

Mentoring strengths

As an experienced script consultant, my strengths are in understanding character, story and structure and how these work together to create emotionally engaging films.

Kira Anne also teaches Moneybal for Filmmakers and Invstors and Deep Characterisation Masterclass at Raindance

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The Lockdown Sessions: Writing Characters Under Pressure

  1. Bainz Fiorella

    Kira-anne is amazing and very talented. I enjoyed the session very much. Thank you Elliot, Denise and the rest of the Raindance staff. Please let me know when other sessions are available.

  2. Dan Bachmann (verified owner)

    The title of this course has a double meaning – it is the screenwriting writing characters with the author under pressure and also writing characters that are under pressure. The instructor is an expert on characterization and I would find listening to her or reading her book fascinating even if I was not script writing. I am hoping I can attend her course in person next year.

  3. James S.

    This was a very helpful workshop. Kira-Anne is very insightful and communicates concepts very clearly. I look forward to attending her Deep Characterisation course soon.

  4. Henry (verified owner)

    Really great, I learned a lot about writing the psychology side of characters and about how to get the best out of myself under certain pressures and stresses. Very helpful.

  5. Frank C

    The session was very easy to follow and it just an hour Kira-Anne gave me some very useful guidance and inspiration. It also allowed me to collaborate with other participates. I really enjoy the emotive intelligence of real people that can help forge characters for my scripts, having Kira-Anne share some of her tips, guidance and thoughts was of immense help. Thank you.

  6. Ana Ramos

    Excellent masterclass, which also covers the stress surrounding the writers in this pandemia and how to still get creativity flowing. I would love to attend a follow up session on creating charaters with this brilliant lecturer.

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