Women & Filmmaking – Dubai

Next dates: Monday 8 February, 6:00-9:00pm
Duration: Two Evenings
Address: Raindance Film School, Al Wasl Villa 332-1195, Dubai, UAE
Price: 2000 AED (charged in GBP at £412.60)

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The filmmaking process is made up of countless steps and processes, from development and financing to post-production and distribution. With so many stages and roles to play, it’s surprising that the involvement of women is statistically much lower than their male counterparts. 

This intensive one-day course intends to highlight and showcase the female filmmakers who led the way in various departments and practises within the film industry. We cover various women and their roles as directors, screenwriters, cinematographers and editors in this theory-based introduction catered specifically for women seeking to understand and develop their own knowledge and skills within the industry.

Who should take the course?

Taught by a female-led team, this course is designed for women who are aspiring filmmakers, or simply lovers of cinema. The day-long session will provide a space for learning how the film industry works, what career options and roles are available, and most importantly an opportunity to network and ask questions!

What you’ll learn

You’ll develop an in-depth understanding of the process of the industry, from the studio system to independent filmmaking. You’ll also see the importance of teamwork and roles on set, how to brainstorm an idea into a script and how to think outside the box for storytelling. The course will primarily cover global cinema and women’s stories with a particular focus on women filmmakers from the MENA region. 

One Day Workshop (6 hours) 

This 6 hour intensive session will introduce filmmaking from its origins to present day examples of cinema movements and techniques from various regions. It will also cover the roles involved in the production of a film and the final stages detailing what happens when the film is finished and ready for distribution and the festival circuit. 

  • Birth of Cinema
  • Early Technology in Film
  • Various film formats 
  • Influence of society
  • Introduction of Film Editing 
  • How is a Film Made? 
  • Three Steps : Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production
  • Fourth Step : Distribution 
  • Theory of Screenwriting 
  • Working with a Full or Zero Budgeting 
  • Fellow Female Filmmakers 
  • Arab Cinema
  • Hollywood and setting the mark 
  • Art House Films 
  • Independent Cinema for Female Filmmakers 
  • Building Confidence on Set 
  • Production Design & Art Direction 
  • Teamwork
  • All Pre Production Documents 
  • The Relationship Between the Crew
  • Directing the Camera
  • Lights, Camera, Sound
  • Editing Styles 
  • Director and Editor relationship 
  • Rules of Editing 
  • Continuity in Film Editing 
  • Audio & Color Practices in Post Production 
  • Picture Lock 
  • Multiple Export formats 
  • Film Festival Run 
  • Online Distribution 
  • Film Community 
  • Prepping your First Shoot 

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.