Web Series Foundation Certificate Toronto

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Web series are the epitome of the low-budget, highly creative platform Raindance works to support

You don’t need a whole lot of money to produce web-worthy content or a distribution deal to secure your project. What you do need is a great story, a great team and a willingness to “go with the flow.”  This 5-week Web Series Foundation Course will teach you the basics of developing, writing, producing and monetizing your web series.

Who should take this course?

Writers, directors, producers, actors — anyone looking to develop, produce and monetize their own digital content will benefit from the Web Series Foundation.

This information-packed course will follow an outline as well as encourage informal group discussion. Students will be required to pre-view some web series prior to class and to complete several homework assignments. Participants will also be encouraged to develop their idea and pitch it to the class for open discussion.

Week 1:  What is a Web Series?

Developing and honing an idea to maximize success potential for web release.  Breaking down the elements of a successful series — style, tone, genre, comedy, drama — and what kind of series attract audiences.

  • Think about your audience BEFORE you develop the creative
  • Advantages of the medium: creative control, in charge of your own release, develop and maintain your own community, self-defined success
  • Disadvantages of the medium: minimal production resources, restraining creative, access to talent, FUNDING

Week 2:  Designing Your Series

Defining the parameters of your success — what do you want from this series?

  • Evaluate resources at hand
  • Explore funding options
  • Create production plan outline based on resources
  • Create development strategy for your series

HOMEWORK – develop a concept to pitch at the next class.

Week 3:  Developing Your Creative

What does a web series pitch package look like?

  • Developing a treatment/bible for your series
  • Scripts/Outlines
  • PITCHES: students will pitch their series to the class and receive feedback from the instructor and group.

Week 4:  Marketing and Selling Your Web Series

How do you identify, develop and reach your audience?

  • Importance of a business plan
  • Targeting your audience
  • Delivery platforms
  • Online Networks
  • Outline for engagement & community building
  • Supplemental material  & community rewards
  • Marketing Plan
  • Social Media
  • PITCHES: students will pitch their series to the class and receive feedback from the instructor and group.

HOMEWORK – develop a release and marketing plan for your series

Week 5:  Putting It All Together

Pulling the trigger — MAKING THE SHOW!

  • Budgeting Basics
  • Financing Basics
  • Production Basics
  • Post-Production Basics
  • Release Basics
  • PITCHES: students will pitch their series to the class and receive feedback from the instructor and group.


About the Instructor

Dan Speerin is the Chair and Vice President of the Independent Web Creators of Canada and was one of the first YouTube Partners in Canada, as well as the first Canadian host on The Young Turks Network.

Along with Vince Kesavamoorthy he is the co-creator and producer of several successful multiplatform series, from the narrative series Twixters, which aired on television in over 60 countries to the award winning digital series Truth Mashup.

The pair also created the first multiplatform Canadian election special which led to a panel discussion-based series on Millennial issues called  “The What Is”.  Their work has even been brought up on the floor of Canada’s House of Commons. Dan has also been a pundit on Millennial and digital culture and has created digital content for Rogers, Bell, CBC and VH1 among others.

Dan is a seasoned specialist in digital strategy and communication, with experience in the development, production, distribution and promotion of content that transcends platforms.

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