Web Series Foundation Certificate LA


Availability: In-person, Online, VOD
Duration: 4 Wednesday evenings
Course Fee: $269 
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Course Dates: May 1 – May 22, 2019

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Creating a web series can get you discovered as a writer, director, producer, or actor. HBO’s High Maintenance, Comedy Central’s Broad City,and Fuse TV’s Billy on the Street began on the web and launched successful careers for all involved. 
Web series are the epitome of the low budget, highly creative platform Raindance works to support. This 4-WEEK INTENSIVE and INFO-PACKED foundation series course/workshop goes through the process of writing, developing, shooting, producing, and monetizing a web series, and helps you develop your own series – this can be either an actual plan or a theoretical plan, and you will receive expert feedback during the course!



Week 1: Introduction to Web Series

Week 1: Intro to Web Series

  • Idea generation
  • Thinking about audience BEFORE you develop the creative
  • Breaking down the elements of a successful series
  • Style, tone, genre, comedy, drama – what kind of series attract audiences?
  • Web series defined by its platform (YouTube vs. Vimeo)
  • Advantages of the medium: creative control, in charge of your own release, develop and maintain your own community, self-defined success
  • Disadvantages of the medium: minimal production resources, restraining creative, access to talent, introduction to basic FUNDING
  • Defining parameters of your success (what do you want from this show)

Week 2: Developing a Web Series

Week 2: Developing a Web Series

  • Developing a treatment / bible
  • Episode/Season Length
  • Scripts / Outlines
  • Writing for short form and long form
  • Pitch packages
  • Creating production plan outline based on resources
  • Creating development strategy for your series

Week 3: Funding and Producing a Web Series

Week 3: Funding and Producing a Web Series

  • Pulling the trigger and making the series
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Financing Basics
  • Production Basics
  • Post-Production Basics
  • Foreign Markets

Week 4: Marketing and Distributing a Web Series

Week 4: Marketing and Distributing a Web Series

  • What’s in your business plan
  • Targeting your audience
  • Release Basics
  • Delivery platforms
  • Online Networks
  • Outline for engagement & community building
  • Supplemental material & community rewards
  • Marketing Plan
  • Social Media



Film & TV writers, producers, directors and actors, who want to create and market their own work on the digital arena.

Coming to this course via VOD living in London with only a concept for a series, I’ve ended it with great clarity with how to go about creating, developing and marketing my web series. Tina couldn’t have been more helpful in how she structured and delivered the course. I’ve also learned a lot from the questions that she answered with depth and interest. Having a Q&A session with Tina at the end of the course is a great opportunity to gain specific insight on my project – making this course even more invaluable.

Aline Jewell, Web Series Creator




Tina Cesa Ward is an award-winning web series creator with many web series under her belt. She jumped into the web world in 2008 and for three seasons Tina was the Executive Producer/Writer/Director of Anyone But Me, one of the most beloved independent scripted dramas on the web. Anyone But Me has reached over 40 million views and has brought home nearly ever industry award, highlighted by Tina (along with Susan Miller) winning the first ever Writers Guild of America Award for Original New Media. In 2012 Tina (along with Susan Miller) took home the International Academy of Web TV award for writing in a drama. Tina has been nominated several times for her directing as well, and in 2013 won the International Academy of Web TV Award for Best Directing in a Drama. Other nomination highlights include Webby and Streamy Award nominations. 


In 2010 Tina directed the successful first season of the branded web series Bestsellers. A year later Tina debuted the critically acclaimed Good People in Love, which DIGIDAY calls “…a new milestone for online video series.” Tina also took home a Rome Web Award in 2014 for Best Dialogues for the series. In the fall of 2013, Producing Juliet, Tina’s newest series made its world premiere at Raindance Film Festival’s London WebFest where it received a stand out notice from The Huffington Post. Producing Juliet has gathered its own share of award nominations, including 2014 and 2015 Indie Series Award nominations for Tina’s direction and writing.  In 2015 Tina won the International Academy of Web TV Award for Best Writing (Drama.) And in March 2016, Tina was elected Chair of the International Academy of Web TV.


Do you want attend the first class in person and online on other weeks? Or, do you want to attend online on some weeks and watch other weeks on VOD?  You have the freedom to attend this course in person, online, or by watching it on VOD without making any prior selection. 

LIVE ONLINE: Every attendee gets an email invitation for the online classroom 30 minutes before class start times. All you need to do is to click the link provided in that email and watch the class on your computer’s web browser without needing to download any special software. If you are attending on your smart phone or tablet, please download ClickMeeting app on your phone.

VOD: Video on Demand is a great option if you want to repeat what you learned in the class or you didn’t have time to attend the class in person or online. Each attendee gets a Vimeo link 24-48 hours after each week’s class.