Hands-on VFX Workflows Weekend Masterclass at Raindance Film Festival


Hands-On Visual Effects Workflows

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Date: Saturday & Sunday 7th / 8th April 2018, 10:00 – 17:00
Location: Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street, WC2N 5PE
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VFX is now the most efficient and affordable way to add production value to your stories.
Learn how by exploring dedicated workflows, from camera to computer. 

About The VFX Workflow

Visual Effects (VFX) is now one of the most efficient and affordable ways to add production value to your stories. The cost of hardware and software has dramatically fallen. However, it takes a very specific expertise to make the most out of the benefits of VFX. You will learn how to manage VFX workflows in this weekend masterclass enabling you to maximise your ability to create powerful and exciting moving images..

Explore the best methods and techniques to prepare and create convincing Visual Effects Shots from production to post-production, from camera to computer.

An essential ‘myth-buster’ workshop for filmmakers and cinematographers alike.

What you will learn in Hands-On VFX Workflows:

Day 1 Filming: Green Screen

Known as chroma key this technique allows an actor filmed in front of a screen, typically green, to be ‘keyed out’ in the editing process and placed in another world.

On Day One students will be shown cost-saving techniques and will learn the basics of shooting green screen.

• VFX Workflow
• VFX Supervision
• Cinematography for VFX
• Chromakey, tips & techniques

Day 2 Compositing: Keying

Once your images have been shot and imported into your editing computer the next stage called ‘keying’ starts. The basic premise of keying is quite brilliant. Your computer can select any solid colour and ‘key’ it out of the frame. Green is very different from your actors skin meaning you are less likely to ‘key out’ your actor.

On Day Two students will be shown how to prepare your rushes. You will experiment with differnt software and wi earn the basic principals of keying.

• Post-production Workflow
• Digital Images, Core Foundations
• Node based compositing
• Keying

What will you achieve?

Upon completion of VFX Workflows, students will have acquired the understanding and knowledge of the best techniques and methods to achieve believable visual effects.

How will you be taught?

The Hands-on VFX Workflows is a mix of lecture-style, demonstration and also practical instruction with tutor guidance. In addition, students will set-up and shoot a short scene.

Who should attend?

VFX Workflow is suitable for those new to the art and science of visual effects as well as cinematographers and directors, 1st ADs who want to gain a better understanding of the post-production process. It is also suitable for those seeking to refresh their existing knowledge.

Prepare for this weekend: Suggested Reading

Compositing Visual Effects: Essentials for the Aspiring Artist By Steve Wright

Digital Compositing for Film and Video by Steve Wright

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing: Techniques for Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics by Ron Brinkmann

The VES Handbook of Visual Effects: Industry Standard VFX Practices and Procedures by Jeffrey A. Okun & Susan Zwerman

About the tutor

Clement Gharini has 18 years experience in the film industry and is an award-winning filmmaker with a double technical background in cinematography and visual effects.

He was London SciFi 48 hours Challenge Winner 2013 and has worked on TV films such as Game of Thrones and Doctor Who as well as films such as Jupiter Ascending and Oscar-winning Ex Machina.

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Hands-On Visual Effects Workflows

  1. Jon Morby

    Excellent course, well presented and lots of really useful information. My only negative comment would be that the course could have done with a little more structure, and at the end where the “reveal” is done, there’s a “get out” saying that to render the whole scene would take a week to complete.

    Ideally, he should say “this is how you create the scene, but it will take a week to render the whole thing in detail … so here’s one I prepared earlier” .. and then show off the true magic of the tools, rather than leaving us all guessing.

    Apart from that, a really enjoyable course and has fired up my imagination! Well worth the money!

  2. mark (verified owner)

    I have attended quite a few Raindance courses. I have always come away with new knowledge and skills. I was not sure what to expect from this course but it was one of the best I have attended.

    A good mixture of theory and practical. The tutor Clement was very energetic and hands on. I think we shot about 25 set ups over two days on how to light actors against a green screen, the right way and the wrong way. The class was split into three groups, rotating regularly that everyone was able to light, film and direct if they wanted.

    I found it difficult at first, understanding how to use the node software but it started to make sense as it was demonstrated using the clips we shot. Towards the end of the course Clement combined the live action we shot in the studio with shot footage of Trafalgar Square, which was an eye-opener.

    I would definitely recommend this course you will not regret it. Check out Sin City Behind The Scenes on YouTube for an idea of filming green screen.

  3. Humph

    An excellent and informative course coupled with hands-on experience of the pitfall of lighting and shooting with a green screen as well as a walkthrough of the tools. The tutor was obviously very experienced and passionate about his craft which helped to bring the course to life.

    Would have liked a little bit more time towards the end with the worked examples but this is obviously a very broad subject.

    Other than that I really enjoyed the course and learned a fair bit about green screen workflow, including 2D ad 3D rendering. I would definitely recommend this course if you intend to use VFX to enhance your filmmaking.

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