2018.10.27 Understanding Stunts: Achieve Exciting Action In Your Film


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Date: Saturday October 27th, 10.00am – 1.00pm
Location: 1193 Grant Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 2J7
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DATE CHANGED: October 27, 2018 is the new date for the course.

All you need to know about stunts from a writer, director, producer’s point.

In this intense and interactive 3 hours course, Raindance Vancouver is proud to have Maja Aro – established Stunt Coordinator within the local professional film industry – walk you through what you need and what it takes to achieve safe, visually engaging and affordable stunts in your independent film.

This course will not be teaching how to physically do stunts, it is geared towards writers, directors and producers debunking some common misconceptions about stunts, helping you understand how they can benefit your story and film, and that if done safely under the supervision of a qualified stunt coordinator they don’t have to be scary, or costly.  If approached creatively stunts can be safely executed on all budgets.

DISCLAIMER: This course will NOT be teaching how to physically do stunts.  

Stunts and Stunt Performers 

Debunking common stunt myths
Stunts don’t have to be scary (unsafe or costly)

Movie trailers

A small investment in a stunt for your film can be one of your biggest marketing tools.
How to effectively use stunts in your film.

Aren’t Stunts Dangerous? Why do I need a Stunt Coordinator? What is their job?

Quality of Product

Aren’t Stunts expensive?

Creative solutions for your project no matter what the budget
How working with a qualified Stunt Coordinator can help you safely achieve exciting trailer worthy action in your film

Writing Stunts

Red flag words – what words make action stunts
Too much or two little? How to find the balance of how much to describe when writing stunts.

Producing stunts, from page to screen

Breaking down a script for stunts
Budgeting stunts for your production

There will be video and interactive components to all sections of the course.

(if there is time at the end of the course, students are invited to bring scripts they are prepping/working on, and we can go over the action from a writing and production standpoint)

Who Should Take this Course

Canadian independent producers, writers, directors, actors, technicians making movies today – or wanting to make movies – in the Canadian independent film landscape; New and emerging Canadian filmmakers who need a broad but practical intro and understanding of the Canadian independent film landscape; Film Fans.

About the Instructor – Maja Aro



Maja Aro is a Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Performer based in Vancouver.  Maja’s over decade long career has taken her around the world working on well-known Hollywood blockbusters (Red, Twilight Saga, War For The Planet Of The Apes, The Cabin In The Woods, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) and hit TV shows (The Man in the High Castle, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, Smallville) alike.

Maja just wrapped season 3 of Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle as the stunt coordinator, is co-stuntcoordinating season 1 of A&E’s Blue Book with her husband, is the supervising stunt coordinator for season 7 of  ABC’s Once Upon A Time and is about to start on season 1 of Blumhouse/Facebooks very first TV project Sacred Lies as the stunt coordinator.  She is having her graphic novel “Amazone” illustrated, and is developing a feature film.


Maja has been nominated for three UBCP awards for “best stunt”, in 2012 for her work on True Justice, and in 2014 for her work on The Tomorrow People, and in 2015 for her work on Supernatural.  Maja was also nominated for a 2014 Taurus World Stunt Award for “best stunt by a stuntwoman” for her work on Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.  In 2015 Maja was honored with the Stunt Warrior Award from the Artemis film festival celebrating her work as a stuntwoman.  In 2017 Maja was awarded the WIFTV Artistic Innovation award for a specailty stunt bra harness that she designed, built and used for a stunt on Once Upon A Time.

Indie filmmaking

Maja is also an emerging filmmaker, in 2015 she made the jump behind the camera co-directing/producing two short films.  The first, FIZZ, was created as part of the Run ‘N’ Gun 48 hour film competition, and won best sound design and best cinematography.  The second, Blood, premiered at the 2016 Vancouver International Women In Film Festival.  Maja completed her first solo film Hoods in 2016, it was the 2015 MPPIA short film funding award winner, which she wrote and directed.  As a part of being the winning film, Hoods premiered at the 2016 Whistler Film Festival and had a successful festival run in 2017. The film was awarded best director at the 2017 Artemis Film Festival, won best short film at the Women Texas Film Festival 2017, won best overall film and best foreign director at the Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival, as well as second place international film at the Amarcort Film Festival.  Hoods also won Maja first runner up for a director mentorship program through the Film Empire in 2017.

For additional filmography: Maja Aro IMDb


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