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Duration: 5 Monday Evenings
11am- 1pm PST

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Learn to Fund Your Film! Then get it made and seen!

You’ve got your script. You have toured through fringe theatres and found a tlented cast. A film director with a film in a festival caught your eye. All you need to do now is fund your film.

This 5 evening course on film production is comprised of classes that answer specific questions on producing independent films and explore the opportunities producers have. It gives aspiring producers an insider view of the film industry by providing the essential skills and knowledge required for both creative and physical production.

The weekly classes will take you through everything you need to know to produce  and fund your film effectively. This course contains hard-to-obtain documents Including business plans, marketing and distribution, budgeting and scheduling, talent attachments, and financing and legal contracts.

Course Outline

Week 1: Creating A Business Plan

Once you have created your potential cast list, settled on the next hot director and found that absolutely terrific script, you need to prepare a plan of attack to get the money to shoot your film.

This evening workshop will run through the basic essentials you will need, both to present your project to industry investors, as well as how to present your project to private investors to enable your to fund your film.

  • What do you need for your project to be financeable?
  • Structure of a business plan
  • Using visual aids
  • Understanding sales estimates and income streams
  • Money flow explained
  • Profit participation

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Week 2: Basic Legal Contracts

Once your film is finished and ready to be sold, you will have to show the “chain of title” to any prospective film buyer. If you fail to do this you will never be able to sell your film.

In this evening crash course, the basic talents’ (ie. writer, director, actors) contracts are explained. View it as health insurance for filmmakers!

  • Key negotiation points explained
  • Understanding chain of title
  • Who and what should you have contracts with

Guest Speaker: Luanne Morrow, Attorney

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Week 3: Budgeting and Scheduling

Simply put, a film budget is a list of all the stuff and people you need to make your film, and a schedule is when and where you need it.

Always considered the boring bit by film producers and directors, the budget and schedule are the spines of any production. If you get the budget (the money part) wrong, your film will stall half-finished without cash. Get the schedule (the time) wrong, and your film will suffer – either from loss of quality or remain unfinished because you have run out of time (and budget!)

This evening explains how scripts are analyzed and whipped into shape budget-wise and schedule-wise.

  • Script breakdown
  • Assessing prices
  • Union vs non-union
  • Creating a do-able schedule

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Week 4: Marketing And Selling Your Film

The essential task for filmmakers is creating a marketing plan for your film. Learn how to utilize the trade press, consumer press and film festivals to turn your film (and yourself) into this year’s cult classic.

Learn how to approach film festivals and film markets with a strong press kit that will enhance the commercial potential of your film.

A special feature will be the use of social media to create interest in your film, with a live demonstration.

  • Creating the marketing assets you need to sell your film
  • Writing a good logline/synopsis and getting good photos
  • Creating a press kit
  • Film festivals explained
  • The role of film markets
  • How to approach sales agents
  • Finding the best distribution
  • Protecting yourself and your money from shady distribution deals

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Week 5: Film Financing

You need some cash to make your short or feature.

This evening crash course will run through the basic financing tools available for any business, not just the film business. These tax-efficient finance structures make certain states in the US and certain countries very attractive places to raise money for film production. Find out how they work and how to utilise them.

  • State/government funding and tax credits
  • Private investors
  • Pre-sales and co-productions
  • Product placement
  • Crowdfunding
  • New financing options
  • Deferrals

Guest Speaker: Jason Piette, Financier / Sales Agent

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What they are saying:

“The Raindance producer’s class taught by Julia Verdin is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken as she teaches from a myriad levels of experience. She gets down to the nuts and bolts immediately with details of what it takes to produce a movie including, but not limited to, finding financial film incentives, bond insurance, dealing with sales agents in a savvy way, the promo pack with guest speakers also with many years behind them. I took a lot of notes which I refer back to and she’s very personable and open to questions. A producer with a heart ❤ of gold.”

Elizabeth Rockett, Writer

“I want to thank Julia Verdin and all her guest speakers for her support. I took The Ultimate Producing Course and it made me feel like I could do this. And, voila! Here’s my film, ANGELITO IN YOUR EYE,  starting the festival circuit!”

Judy Sandra, Writer/Director

“You deserve a big applause for connecting creativity to passion by your awesome productive curriculum, classes and support to your students and alumni all over USA and world. Julia Verdin’s Producing course was a big boost to my career. I had no background in filmmaking and this is where Raindance stepped in by offering me their best support and constantly mentoring me during this course. My first short film, Arranged to Love, a multi cultural twist made it to FOG Movie Fest San Francisco in August 2016 and we won the best film award. I highly recommend the classes by Raindance for both first timers and established filmmakers to update their knowledge. I dedicate our award to Ms Verdin, her guest speakers, and Raindance LA!”

Ranu Sinha, Director


Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to make a film and want to fund your film.
Writers, directors, producers, actors, filmmakers, cinema lovers, anyone with an interest in how movies are made and who seek a basic introduction to the filmmaking process.


About the instructors

fund your film

 Julia Verdin is a British film producer and founder of Rough Diamond Productions, established in 1994. She has established herself as one of Hollywood’s leading producers with over 30 feature films. She is best known for producing the Sony Classics release The Merchant of Venice, directed by Michael Radford, and starring Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes, the Newmarket release Stander, directed by Bronwen Hughes, and starring Tom Jane, Deborah Unger, Dexter Fletcher and David O’Hara, and the Breaking Glass release 2 Jacks, based on Leo Tolstoy short story “Two Hussars,” directed by Bernard Rose, and starring Danny Huston, Jack Huston, Sienna Miller, Jacqueline Bisset and Billy Zane.

Verdin has recently executive produced Lionsgate release Born of War, directed by Vicky Jewson, and starring James Frain and Sophia Black D’Elia. This year she has just directed her first film Lost Girls staring Bar Paly, Marisol Nichols and Jamie Harris, and produced The Unwilling directed by Academy Award nominated director Jonathan Heap, and starring Dina Meyer, Jake Thomas and Lance Henriksen.

She is currently developing various projects with writers and directors including Academy Award and Palme d’Or nominated writer/director James Dearden; acclaimed festival award winning writer/director Éva Gárdos; Academy Award Nominated director Jonathan Heap; WGA Autumn Stories 2010 winner screenwriter Cynthia Riddle, and director Vincenzo Natali.

Verdin is a top film consultant having provided consulting services on development and production. She also wrote the critically acclaimed book, Success in Film, a detailed guide to funding, making and finishing independent films.

Verdin currently serves on the board of BAFTA LA. She is based in Los Angeles, and still maintains a base in London.

Jason Piette

Jason Piette is a producer and film financier with over 50 movies and TV series to his name, including the $25M The Merchant Of Venice starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons; Head In The Clouds ($20M) starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz, (both for Sony Pictures Classics); the $33M Napoleon TV series for A & E in the United States; Perfect Creatures ($11M) for Twentieth Century Fox; independent American features such as Mark Pellington’s I Melt With You for Magnolia Pictures and cult classic, part crowdfunded Iron Sky

for Entertainment One. Before co-founding Disrupting Influence Jason also worked on the $300 million Movision Film Fund. Jason is a graduate of Cambridge University.

LuAnne Morrow is based in Los Angeles, and serves as of Counsel to D’Alessio Law Group on Canadian Entertainment Law. LuAnne is a commercial media and branding lawyer and registered Canadian trademark agent. She is experienced in all areas of intellectual property and entertainment and tech law, and assists clients with entertainment, gaming, tech, advertising and sponsorship, Internet and social media law. She has worked with producers, artists and financiers, and brings a practical approach to deal making.



LIVE ONLINE: Every attendee gets an email invitation for the online classroom 30 minutes before class start times. All you need to do is to click the link provided in that email and watch the class on your computer’s web browser without needing to download any special software. If you are attending on your smartphone or tablet, please download ClickMeeting app.

VOD: Video on Demand is a great option if you want to repeat what you learned in the class or you didn’t have time to attend the class in person or online. Each attendee gets a Vimeo link 24-48 hours after each week’s class. 

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