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The Lockdown Sessions: Writing Compelling Dialogue

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Writing impactful dialogue helps to reveal more about characters, imparts information and moves the story forward. How you create the dialogues in your screenplay will determine how original it is at conveying meaning, developing the story, and drawing the audience into the emotions of your characters.

You have developed your story and your characters. Now you want to give them a voice. How can you translate your imagination to paper? What are the most effective tools to write lines the actors will love you for? How can you test whether the conversations ring true? How can you improve what you have already written? 

This session will cover

  • the purpose of dialogue
  • the rules of dialogue writing
  • fundamental questions you should ask yourself about the dialogue in a scene
  • subtext
  • analysis of example dialogue
  • exercises that will help you to improve your dialogue writing skills 

Who is this session for

Writers, directors, producers, actors and anyone who intends to break into the film industry.

About the speaker

Romana Carén Lakinger-Njari is a filmmaker, actress and vocal coach from Vienna, Austria. She graduated from the Raindance Postgraduate Degree in 2016.

Romana has been working in theatre, film and TV since the age of eight. Romana was trained as an actress at Actors Studio Pallas in Vienna and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London. In 2003 Romana was Austria´s first certified Speech-Level-Singing instructor and has been teaching singers and actors of all levels at Acting Academy Elfriede Ott as well as her own studio.

As a filmmaker her main focus is on writing and directing short and feature films, TV and web series. Romana has developed two feature film screenplays for Berlin based production company Bad Motel Movies. Further, she has collaborated with them as a creative consultant for their feature film Big City Lights.

Currently Romana is working on her first feature film There Are No Kangaroos In Austria collaborating with production companies in Scotland and Austria and has been producing and hosting her own cooking show Peace, Joy & Eggcake for Austrian broadcaster OKTO since 2015.

Further, Romana is currently developing a TV series about Austrian journalist and politician Adelheid Popp, Die Frau (The Woman).


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5 reviews for The Lockdown Sessions: Writing Compelling Dialogue

  1. Ana Ramos (verified owner)

    With this session, I could suddenly start hearing the voice of my characters.
    Thank you Romana, for sharing so many good strategies to achieve compelling dialogue.

  2. Cat McKiernan (verified owner)

    Sorry, I didn’t find this session particularly helpful. Very subjective do’s and dont’s delivered quite chaotic ally and relied on writer having been an actor previously.

  3. BEATRICE COLBRANT (verified owner)

    Excellent webinar with precise and useful information, with examples from both the tutor’s experience and cinematographic references. Generous Q& A with all questions being answered with grace and competence. I was interested to learn how writing for the screen and writing for the stage can be different and received the full explanations. Writing a compelling dialogue is to write a dialogue which can be heard and sounds right. In this session we were fortunate to be given essential clues and advice and I can only recommend very highly this fabulous webinar

  4. Mark Playle (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable thank you
    I will as with many of the lockdown sessions be re watching this one to get the bits I missed the first time. The beauty of being a member which by the way is amazing

  5. Alison Hogge (verified owner)

    Brilliant and concise advice. Well worth a watch a second time round!

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