The Lockdown Sessions: The Truth is Not Your Friend

The Lockdown Sessions: Writing Characters with Psychological Disorders Part Two

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At a glance

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Characters like Jack Torrance in The Shining or Melvin in As Good as It Gets are endlessly compelling. Behind the great performances, the writing gets beyond the archetypes and draws complex characters with clear motivations and actions. Here is your chance to write this kind of fascinating film characters yourself.

What you will learn

  • How to write characters with antisocial behaviour, schizophrenia, dissociative personality, and borderline personality disorder.
  • How to get inside their head without losing your mind
  • How to write characters with psychological disorders with strong actions and motivations

About the Tutor

Viktoria Szemeredy is an award-wining writer and director based in Budapest, Hungary, and an alumni of the Raindance MA in Filmmaking. Her credits include the short films Butterfly Daughter, Metaphorms, and the upcoming U Up? She previously was an emergency doctor for ten years, and a psychotherapist for ten years before changing lanes with the Raindance MA and becoming a filmmaker.

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1 review for The Lockdown Sessions: Writing Characters with Psychological Disorders Part Two

  1. BEATRICE COLBRANT (verified owner)

    I only studied psychology as an incidental subject matter to my law studies and as a part of criminalistics, with psychological disorders seen as the basis of possible criminal acts from individuals perceived as mere law breakers and offenders. So attending this 3 part seminar is so interesting, not only because it is offered at a very high level and brings me back to my university years but also because Dr Viktoria Szemeredy, an emergency doctor and psychotherapist turned filmmaker, goes beyond the cinematographic approach to offer a consultation about a diversity of mental disturbances, this time mainly borderline personality, antisocial personality disorder, dissociative identity disorders and schizophrenia, whilst explaining these rather complex notions in a simple and pleasant way, with slides and drawings. This is the time to ask questions about mental states which you may have encountered and may have surprised you. To the question : is there a treatment for the lack of empathy, the answer is : perhaps with psychotherapy or buddhism. And was Joan of Arc -who used to hear voices- a psychiatric case ? Well, she might have had hallucinations but then the religious feeling has to prevail in the analysis of the situation. And at a time when drink spiking has become a frequent tragedy how can you tell if a very nice man won’t turn into a lubricious animal and start harming you badly after the first glass of Champagne ? Well sadly, you can’t as some of these guys can move from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde faster than the Concorde. Furthermore, as we know, Lombroso’s theory of crime has been proved unreliable so you can’t recognise a criminal by his physical particularities either. And what about your best male friend who spends half of the day dressed as a woman? Well this is not necessarily a mental disturbance and the chap should be left in peace really. Anyway appearing in drags is never an easy option and I remember Michael Caine stating that “Dressed to kill” was his first and last time of doing so. Similarly Alain Delon, one of our major French stars, always refused to appear in a “peplum” -a sword and sandals historical epic – for fear of having to wear a Roman short skirt. This is such an interesting seminar, I cannot wait to attend the final part – Part 3 – on Saturday 27 June.

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