The Lockdown Sessions: The Truth is Not Your Friend

The Lockdown Sessions: The Truth is Not Your Friend

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A constant cry in drama both on screen and on stage is “Is it true? Is it real?” and even “Have the actors got the right thoughts in their heads?” After over fifty years of continuously directing actors in both live and recorded media, Patrick Tucker has come to the realisation that all these questions are based on a false understanding of what drama really is, and what the audience’s reaction to it really is.

In a groundbreaking presentation, he shows with pictures and film clips what actually goes on to convince the audience that what they are seeing is true – even though the truth is not what the main aim of the drama should be.

Who should attend?

This presentation is ideal for those who want to direct performances for the camera, who want to be performers on camera, or indeed anyone connected with or interested in screen drama who want to know more about what really goes on when creating those memorable characters we all enjoy watching so much on the screen.

About the Tutor

Patrick has been presenting his Workshops for Raindance for well over twenty years, with courses for both actors and for directors, and has been directing professional actors on stage and on screen since he went into the profession in the 1960s. He has worked in Germany, Ireland, Jordan, the UK and the USA; and in their own languages in Denmark, Israel, Latvia and South Korea.

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7 reviews for The Lockdown Sessions: The Truth is Not Your Friend

  1. su sullivan (verified owner)

    ***** Patrick always makes me laugh and he instils confidence – great to see Elliot introducing too. He makes things simpler and has motivated me to get ‘Heat’ haven’t seen it in a while and would love to compare the two. thanks so much for putting these on it’s taken a while to get back on-line but now I can do more.

  2. BEATRICE COLBRANT (verified owner)

    In films the truth is what the audience perceives and not necessarily what the actors think of when they perform. A director should get the best from the actors even if during a love scene the two protagonists are, in real life, too close to see each other. The camera lenses, the actors’work and the director’s talent will do the trick to bring you somewhere. And this does not imply any sort of literary truth. Patrick Tucker demonstrates that what is important at the end of the day is the final result, the film, and how it should be perceived and lived by the audience, whether, as Hitchcock used to say, actors need to be suspended by their feet to give their best or whether, like Clouzot, actors should be shouted at constantly during a love scene. His lovely foreign wife Vera, whom he adored, was the only one to shout back at him… Hasta la victoria siempre. The real ambiance does not matter, what counts is to achieve the expected magic.

    A very passionate speaker with a wide experience in filming Patrick Tucker delivers an interesting lecture, challenging some of our basic notions and values. In that sense lying becomes acceptable when it serves the film. Some actors do not even read the book from which a film is adapted. They simply concentrate on their moment and on their lines. “Beware of beautiful actors” says Tucker, they don’t have to do much and apparently increase their acting efforts only when getting older. Not Alain Delon though who never increased anything and always looked natural. Not Helmut Berger either. Having taken an acting class with Patrick Tucker I was surprised to see how close you can be physically to your partner only to serve the camera. Not necessarily pleasant even if the chap looks like Liberace and is ready to give you his usual kiss almost on the lips. This forced physical intimacy even for the screen can be a real deterrent if you have no taste for promiscuity and would rather see the other one from the end of the table like an innocent debutante at count Dracula’s table but only before the lunatic guy jumps on you with mad eyes and irrealistic expectations.

    We are still going through hard times and I can only admire everyone to keep their energy and resources to carry on with their life and projects. Children are admirable too. Just seen the moving images of a young Ecuadorian boy placing a mask on his dog before the two of them go for a brave riding promenade on a bicycle. And a small dancer boy from a Sadler’s Wells personnel doing his rehearsal ballet in preparation of his Nureyev career. These examples are of great courage, the same our young ones show in hospital when faced with a terrible illness. Children are always stronger than their parents. Poignant moments when you suddenly feel helpless at not being able to do anything more for your child.

    Raindance lockdown sessions are of great comfort. Listening to other people’s experiences and hopes is a beautiful path to the yellow brick road, and a magnificent sensation of feeling united in our common humanity. Yes the truth can sometimes be different to what you think. Take francophones and anglophones for example. Generally francophones always have something to proudly show you in the hope that you will think that they are the greatest nation on earth – which they are – and anglophones, more commercially, always have something to sell you. What if the truth was reversed for a moment, with francophones ferociously wanting to sell you their baguette for one Euro and anglophones wishing to offer you the walhalla and Bacardi on the rocks as a complimentary package ? That would be nice.

    Another excellent Raindance Lockdwown session.

  3. Bal Kang (Apotheosis Productions) (verified owner)

    Fantastic course by Patrick. He shared some brilliant insights in an honest and direct manner. Definitely recommended to anybody who wants to explore the intricacies of film making! Another great session by Raindance…they just keep me coming back for more!

  4. Barbara Vonau

    Great quick-stop tour through a veteran’s secret toolbox of tricks on how to do the best cheats to get what you want on screen! Sound quality was a bit challenging throughout so only 4 out of 5 stars but this is a purely technical issue (sorry):)

  5. Ana Ramos (verified owner)

    The truth is dead, long live the fantasy!
    This masterclass can’t be missed by any director nor by any actor. Very inspiring!

  6. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks for your comments Barbara. it’s reassuring to me that Patrick could get his message across on his first Zoom class ever. Shame about the sound issues – we will work on this.

  7. mm

    Elliot Grove

    What a generous comment Ana – and thanks for joining all the way from the continent.

  8. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Hi Bal – and such a wonderful tribute coming from an accomplished filmmaker like you!

  9. mm

    Elliot Grove

    What a wonderfully detailed and insightful comment Beatrice – coupled with such kind words about Raindance! I look forward to greeting you at another Raindance event soon!

  10. mm

    Elliot Grove

    could you imagine Lockdown with access to the internet? I’m pleased you could make this session and even more pleased that you enjoyed it. And thanks for your comment.

  11. Dan Bachmann (verified owner)

    It is always entertaining and informative listening to Patrick Tucker. Since this was the third Patrick Tucker I have been too, some of the material was not new to me, but it was well worth it for the key topics and re-enforcement of previous content.

    Patrick is a master presenter and holds his audience with his expression and enthusiasm.

    If it were to improve, it seemed that Patrick was interested in some questions from early on. Knowing before it really got started, it might have helped if people were mentally preparing questions. Near the end, there were more than enough questions.

  12. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Hi Dan – your comments are totally valid. It was the first time Patrick has done an online class ever, and he was really nervous! I will pass on your notes!

  13. Acacia

    I never would have thought it would be possible to learn so much useful information about filming in just one hour, this talk by Patrick Tucker must hold the record for that!

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