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The Lockdown Sessions: Storyboarding 101

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At a glance

  • Welcome to Raindance Lockdown Sessions
  • Enjoy professional film education wherever you are
  • An hour of short sharp advice from a leading professional

Now is the perfect time to develop the material you want to shoot as soon as this lockdown ends. A great way to prepare is by storyboarding your script! This class will go through the basics of how to approach and create storyboards regardless of your experience or drawing skills.

Storyboards are a brilliant way to pitch your concept and communicate your ideas. It’s like creating the movie on paper in advance, a visual map of the film that’s an incredible tool for budgeting and planning your shoot.

Who is the session for?

Storyboards are a communication superpower, for anyone who wants to share their ideas in a visual medium. This session is ideal for directors and writers looking to communicate their ideas visually. Storyboards fare ideal or shooting and script pitches, or even for budgeting special effects or planning stunts.

What will you learn?

  • How to lay out and craft a simple storyboard
  • Camera angles and symbols for movement
  • What to do if you can’t draw

About presenter Elizabeth E. Schuch

Elizabeth E. Schuch is an American/British storyboard artist with over 15 years of experience, as well as an award-winning designer and indie director (“The Book of Birdie”.)

As a specialist storyboard artist, she’s created boards for feature films (“Wonder Woman”), as well as television (One Strange Rock, Britannica, Inside the Human Body, Life on Earth From Space), commercials (Nike, Samsung, Hugo Boss, Sony, Landrover, Sotheby’s) and specialist art for projection and 3D (Star Wars, Mary Poppins, The Kingsman, BBC, TED Talks.)

Elizabeth is a member of the European Film Academy, and a Berlinale Talent. She has a BFA in Scenic Design (DePaul Theatre School) and a MPhil in 2D-3D Visual Effects (Glasgow School of Art.)


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12 reviews for The Lockdown Sessions: Storyboarding 101

  1. Rhoda Wilson (verified owner)

    Effective instructions provided. Great class! who would have thought online storyboard lesson could be this interesting?! Many thanks

  2. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks for your kind words. We think this class is great too!

  3. Vanda

    Very informative and inspiring. I am going to give it a go. I absolutely loved the delivery with enthusiasm and creativity. I would love to go on more workshops on this topic.

  4. Teresa Duran (verified owner)

    Excellent. Those lockdown sessions are really good. One hour, straight to the point, interesting and fun.

  5. Mary (verified owner)

    Very informative Learned a lot Engaging, responded to questions promptly

  6. Samantha Peacock (verified owner)

    An amazing lesson, got across more than I expected to learn from the class and was to the point and very knowledgable about what she was talking about.

  7. Anna Os

    Superb lesson, very informative and visual, relevant examples and case studies, all in this short lesson. I left inspired and in great mood. Now I want to draw everything I come across, and I thought I couldn’t draw for the life of me! )))) Thanks a lot Raindance, well done! I want more


    A very informative webinar. I learned many technical things about filming and camera angles, everything fully explained with examples from famous films and encouragements to start drawing and make projects. This is what we need in these rather sad corona days until things improve and we are given our lives back. I feel very grateful as a Raindance member to be offered such exciting webinars with amazing topics and brilliant speakers

  9. Laura Sansom (verified owner)

    This was a very informative course and well worth the fee. Very glad I took this lesson. A very good tutor.

  10. Soraya (verified owner)

    Fantastic class, thoroughly enjoyable. Sarah has a deep knowledge of the subject and its application to the wider industry (from theatre to blockbuster to indie films). Her session was informative and engaging; she had a lovely manner and checked our understanding as a group as we progressed. Sarah explained things in a fun and interesting way and a lot was covered in the hour. She used her own work as reference examples which were great – particularly as we could recognise the frames from recent films. Sarah is extraordinarily talented and delivered a brilliant session overall with a fun task at the end. Thanks so much!

  11. Marianne (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter and carefully prepared presentation! Very interesting and helpful, thank you!

  12. Ana Ramos (verified owner)

    Thanks to this masterclass, I could see the importance of storyboarding and how to do it myself. The lecturer challenges the viewers and shares important tools to continue practicing. Brilliant!

  13. Robert Fenner (verified owner)

    Elizabeth was clear and engaging, and her enthusiasm was infectious – even for someone like me, who feels awkward holding a pencil. Plus I can see now how storyboarding can help me visualise my own writing, and communicate that to others – which is something that honestly hadn’t occurred to me before 🙄 Thanks for a really enjoyable session 😊👍

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