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The Lockdown Sessions: The Roles of an Executive Producer

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At a glance

  • Welcome to Raindance Lockdown Sessions
  • Enjoy professional film education wherever you are
  • An hour of short sharp advice from a leading professional
An Executive Producer can do different things on a film project: general project management, financing, working out the legalities, or work on set. With various levels of involvement, a good executive producer can take a film project to the next level. Learn how an executive producer does and how they work

What you’ll learn

  • How to work with an executive producer creatively
  • How film finance works
  • How to solve the bottlenecks in financing and distribution
  • Working on increased representation in film

About the speaker

Phil Hunt is managing director of Bankside Films and Headgear Films, the biggest financier of independent films in the world. An entrepreneur at heart, he’s had a circuitous path into the film industry. He began producing feature films in the mid 90’s, after investing in London real estate for some time, with micro budgets that occasionally found more than a micro audience. Prior to the film business, he was an advertising and music photographer including working with bands such as Big Audio Dynamite. He is now launching a new venture, Bohemia Media, aimed at fostering diverse voices and stories.


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5 reviews for The Lockdown Sessions: The Roles of an Executive Producer

  1. Cian O’Leary (verified owner)

    Great session. Phil was fascinating to listen to and gave some really great insights into working with an Executive Producer on different projects.

  2. Ana Ramos (verified owner)

    Very inspiring session. Phil took us in a journey to the world of Film Production and shared many moments of his vast experience and also addressed the investment risk role in cinema. At the end, we all asked for another session!

  3. Mark Playle (verified owner)

    Loved the whole show Phil thank you. Very entertaining and informative, Trisha and I are both Raindance members and she had it on her laptop while I had the questions on my mobile.

    We are both in Florida at the moment although I am British & half way through the talk a huge part of a tree crashEd onto the driveway just outside the front door ( recent high winds ) and that didn’t stop us listening !

    Thanks again stay safe everyone Mark & Trisha

  4. Denisa Popa (verified owner)

    Useful and easy to digest information delivered in a relaxed atmosphere. Very happy to have taken part in this session. Knowledge, facts, advice, guidance and fun during an exciting hour which I didn’t notice passing. Thank you Phil Hunt & Raindance!

  5. Swati Chugh (verified owner)

    It was an amazing session by Phil. He was quite candid and shared his experiences of being an Executive Producer in a very straightforward and honest manner. With his vast experience, he shared some really good insights on what works and what doesn’t work commercially. He also talked about the mistakes he did early on, in his career and talked about the importance of failing and how important failure is for your growth. Overall wonderful session and lot of learnings to takeaway. Thanks Raindance and Phil Hunt for this !

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