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The Lockdown Sessions: Quarantine and the Inner Journey

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Feeling like your time in lock-down is not exactly heroic? There is another really interesting story to tell. As we are forced to go inside, literally, we are also going inside figuratively; spending a lot more time with our selves. This is a rich landscape for stories of coming to know who we really are spiritually, creatively and sexually. It is a crucible for discovering what is meaningful to us, and our protagonist. Movies like Joker, Jojo Rabbit, Black Swan, Moonlight, and About a Boy all have strong themes of embarking on this inner voyage of discovery. They follow a very different story structure from the hero’s. It is the journey of the Virgin archetype as s/he awakens to our right to just be our self, separate from what everyone expects.

Who is this session for?

Writers who sense there is a richness to this time in our history, and any point of transformation, and need an archetypal guide for effectively capturing it on the page. 

What will you learn?

An exciting story structure for internal journeys (that happen to be low budget).

  • 13 beats that can be told in any order
  • the key moments for realistic portrayal of transformation
  • a quest to make connections and be authentic rather than to overcome obstacles to a goal

A context for making sense of what is driving people at this point in history.

How the juxtaposition of fear and love make a story pop.

About the Tutor

Kim Hudson

Kim Hudson is an Author, International Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Archetypal Specialist.

Kim’s book The Virgin’s Promise: Writing Stories of Feminine Creative, Spiritual, and Sexual Awakening, with a Forward by Christopher Vogler, is rapidly becoming an essential writer’s guide. After careers as a geologist, treaty negotiator, and consultant to First Nations, Kim studied writing for film and television at Vancouver Film School and found her passion for archetypal stories. This lead her down a path of Jungian Odysseys, mythology, and women’s studies. Her ground-breaking book supports writing stories of male and female internal journeys to know yourself and be yourself in the world.

Kim lives in the Yukon and Vancouver, Canada and enjoys outdoor adventures with her family and friends.

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3 reviews for The Lockdown Sessions: Quarantine and the Inner Journey

  1. Ana Ramos (verified owner)

    Very inspirational masterclass, where the inner journey is explored with key mindfulness concepts that can be applied to screenwriting. The way how to achieve it becomes very clear when looking at the films that the lecturer chose as examples.

  2. Sarah Corrie (verified owner)

    Truly inspirational masterclass that was exactly what I needed. Learnt a lot and will be using what I learnt.

  3. Donna Murphy (verified owner)

    Very good! Wish it could have been longer.

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