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The Lockdown Sessions: Cinematic Lighting Essentials

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At a glance

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There is no quicker way to make your film look cinematic than by the skillful use of lighting. And understanding the role of lights and lighting is one of the basic building blocks of a career as a filmmaker.

Learn how you can practise and discover the basic principals of film lighting using both professional equipment as well as simple light you have in your home.

What you will learn:

Take a whirlwind tour through the basics of lighting.

Topics covered include:

The big picture:
The cinematographer director collaboration
Choosing the right cinematographer

Preparation for your shoot
Choosing the right tools for the job
Visual Story telling

The Shoot
Creating Mood with Lighting

  • highlighting your key light
  • low-key lighting
  • ¾ backlit subjucts
  • edge light
  • light for depth
  • colour contrast
  • texture lighting
  • texture shadow

Who Should Attend

This class is not just for cinematographers. It is for film directors seeking a through understanding of the visual palette their Director of Photgraphy can create. This is also an excellent class for screenwriters, producers and film lovers who want a deeper understanding of how movies are made.

About the tutor

Zoran Veljkovic SAS is British Cinematographer (born in Serbia) with over 30 years behind the camera. He was classically trained by European filmmakers. He received a BA from the University of Arts, Belgrade (Specialising in Film and TV Camera).

A DoP since 1985, Zoran has assembled a serious body of work. His 45+ credits include “Bridge”, “Sicilian Dream”.and the award winning Raindance Film Festival “After Fall, Winter”. Zoran also DoP’s the 2019 Raindance Film Festival Trailer

Zoran’s rigorous early training enables him to push the envelope of modern technologies between the worlds of features, dramas, commercials, and TV series.

Zoran is a member of Serbian Society of Cinematographers (SAS) as well as a BAFTA member. Zoran’s Basic Cineamtography week-long mastercalsses at Raindance always sell out.

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4 reviews for The Lockdown Sessions: Cinematic Lighting Essentials

  1. Andy Harris (verified owner)

    Slow start and then some useful stuff. Some good examples, well presented.

  2. Sheridan (verified owner)

    Was really looking forward to this one, but struggled to watch it. The host was great & knowledgeable, but stopped to answer questions every couple of minutes, many of which weren’t permanent to what was being discussed at the time. Just my opinion, but would have preferred a Q&A at the end, or at the end of a section.

  3. Bill Friend

    If you would have told me a month ago that I could sit at home and learn cinematic lighting online, I would have thought you a fool. But today I learned the basics of cinematic lighting from a man who obviously has years and years of experience. And his well illustrated talk kept me writing notes till my arms ached. I can hardly wait for this lockdown to pass so I can take Zoran’s class in person.

  4. smartdog (verified owner)

    This was excellent! Zoran gave really good understanding of image and lightning on short time and had a time to answer questions too. Thank you so much!

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