Storytelling for beginners - Raindance Film School Dubai

Storytelling for beginners – Dubai

Duration: Two Saturday Evenings (6-9pm)
Address: Raindance Film School, Al Wasl Villa 332-1195, Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 1100
Next Start Date: May 22 or June 19

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At a glance

  • Learn how to tell an engaging story
  • Look into basic principles of pacing and characters
  • Taught by professional filmmakers

Storytelling is a healing, resiliency, strength and culture empowerment. Becoming good at storytelling is not difficult if you invest your time and thoroughly study and practice it. Storytelling teaches self-awareness, identity and how to express genuine emotion. Why is it important to tell our own personal stories? What does storytelling teach us about other people? How is storytelling performance?

What you will learn

  • Vocal mechanics
  • Research information
  • Write an outline for a story
  • Characterization and appropriate pacing
  • Perform the basic principle of storytelling.

Who should attend?

  • People who are new to Storytelling
  • Everyone regardless of prior experience or training
  • People who are looking for a creative way to improve their confidence and public speaking skills.

What will it cover?

What is Storytelling? 

What makes a story great?  What makes someone a good storyteller? Storytelling is something we all do naturally, starting at a young age, but there is a difference between good storytelling and great storytelling. Every story that is told has a foundation, or of the most basic story structures is “it begins, something happens, and it ends”. However, a story’s structure can be complex, and if used well you are not even aware of it. Learn about important storytelling principles like shaping the beginning, building the middle, and making the ending powerful.

Picking a Story  

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the art of storytelling by choosing and writing their personal story.

  • How to influence audiences
  • How to speak in a memorable manner
  • Confidence in your ability to captivate any audience
  • How to become an excellent storyteller in your presentations.

Tell your story 

Storytelling is important, that is how people build communities and share ideas around the world. The storytelling course will help you to create a story that develops empathy and delivers impact and to develop your skills and using stories to deliver messages that matter. By now, you will know the basic of how to affect audiences and shape attitudes for building empathy. You will perform your story and get peer to peer feedback.

What will you achieve?

On completion of the Storytelling course, the student will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to:

  • Techniques of storytelling
  • How professionals use stories
  • How to introduce multi perspectives in the stories
  • The elements of effective stories and how to use them
  • How to use visual elements to enhance your storytelling
  • How empathy and belief affect storytellers and audiences
  • How to communicate a message and engage the audience.

How will it be taught?

A mix of lecture-style, demonstration, brainstorming, and thinking out of the box, with practical instruction with tutor guidance.

Did you know?

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  • Raindance doesn’t teach screenwriting. Raindance makes screenwriters.
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