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Script Supervision and Continuity Masterclass

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Next Date: Saturday and Sunday 17th / 18th July 2021, 15:00 – 21:00 UK Time
Duration: One weekend
 Online via Zoom
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Script Supervisors are in demand!

Are you looking for an important, well-paid job in the film and television industry? Are you meticulous about detail? Do you have a talent for extreme multi-tasking? Are you calm in a crisis? Do you like being referred to as an “unsung hero?” The Script Supervision Masterclass might lead you to a perfect career.

Currently, the pool of available Script Supervisors is surprisingly small while demand is at an all-time high.
Producers are begging for qualified script supervisors and continuity applicants. Become this rare commodity yourself!

Script Supervisors (aka, Continuity Supervisors) are responsible for making sure that all aspects of the filmmaking process are performed flawlessly from script to screen. As a “department of one” the script supervisor keeps the production on track and records all the infinitesimal details of the process to create a bible the editor uses to assemble the film.

Who should take the course?

This script supervision masterclass is an intensive two-day introduction to the key skills required to become a Script Supervisor. The course’s comprehensive overview of the technical aspects of film-making is not only a perfect introduction to anyone new to the industry, but to aspiring directors, editors, producers and screenwriters, as well. Anyone wishing to know more about how movies are made will benefit from this course.

What you’ll learn

The script supervisor’s job is to create a bible – a detailed record of every single detail of the shoot. from the start of the process where the director makes pre-production notes – the the rigors of the shoot.

Saturday – Day One 10am – 5pm

Instructor J. Timothy Hunt will take you through a systematic step-by-step process to help you understand the role, the relationships on the set and the importance of being organised. He will also show you how to cope no mater how much paperwork is thrown at you.

  • Film Continuity defined
  • When continuity goes alarmingly, hysterically wrong
  • Script/Continuity Supervisor’s many roles
  • Tools of the trade
  • The script breakdown process
  • What is a “story day?”
  • The continuity of story time
  • The continuity of story logic
  • Timing a script
  • Scene counts and scene numbering conventions
  • Page count: Learn to think in 1/8ths
  • Preparing a Script Breakdown Report

Lunch Break
You’ll have ample time to question J.Timothy Hunt and learn from his experience as a professional script supervisor. After lunch you are going to get a whirlwind tour of film theory – something that you as a screenwriter, film director or producer will find invaluable. After all, the Script Supervisor is the individual that makes sure your vision gets turned into pictures. Knowledge is power!

  • A whirlwind crash course in film theory
  • The concept of coverage
  • Shot sizes
  • Lenses
  • The Axis of Action / 180° Rule
  • Eye-lines
  • Screen direction
  • Ramp, Rack & Dutch
  • Inserts
  • Transitions

Sunday – Day Two 10am – 5pm

Today J. Timothy Hunt is going to get you up to speed with the specifics of the shoot. You will be given detailed instructions of how the paperwork flows and what is expected of you.

  • Call sheets
  • Who’s who on set
  • A typical day on set
  • Rehearsals
  • What goes on the slate and why
  • When the cameras start rolling
  • Continuity Notes
  • How and why to “line” a script
  • Actors and matching

*Live shoot simulation
Instructor J. Timothy Hunt is a working supervisor. He will lead you through a simulation of an actual scene from a feature he has recently worked on. Eperience first hand the intensity of a shoot. Hear the director and camera comments as you focus on all the details required of you as a professional script supervisor.

Lunch Break
This is your chance to catch your breath. Digest all the information you have received so far. Make sure you ask questions about anything you are unclear or unsure of.

You’ll wrap the paperwork in this final session, and then be led in a frank discussion of where and how to find work.

  • End of day reports
  • Lined Script and Facing Pages
  • Daily Progress Report / Top Sheet
  • Editor’s Log / Camera Log
  • How to find work
  • Union basics

It’s a wrap for the script supervision masterclass!

No Raindance course is finished until we sojourn to the nearest pub to relax, unwind, and firm up friendships developed over the weekend. [optional networking drinks]

About J. Timothy Hunt

J. Timothy Hunt is a sought-after Script Supervisor in the Toronto film and television industry. He’s worked on feature films and TV shows including “Orphan Black,” “Bitten,” “Odd Squad,” and “Anne of Green Gables.” Currently he is the Script Supervisor on OMNI-TV’s cop show “Blood and Water.” Tim is a recent graduate of the Raindance Postgraduate Program with an MA in Film Studies. Timothy is regularly employed as a script supervisor in his native Toronto. We’re delighted that he is bringing his Script Supervision Masterclass to Europe for the very first time.

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Script Supervision and Continuity Masterclass

  1. Ryan Wellington

    It was very useful and interesting. Now I feel more confident to start my career in the film industry!

  2. Petra Lang (verified owner)

    This was the best course I have done at Raindance so far. Tim is awesome and professional, patient and super friendly. I`m happy I had the chance to participate. 🙂

  3. Adrian Luff (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the course. It was delivered with great enthusiasm and gave a real insight into the demanding role of script supervision and continuity. Especially the practical session on Sunday afternoon!

  4. Shirley-Ann Dixon

    A huge thank you for the wonderfully insightful course that you facilitated over the weekend.  It was well structured, with a good balance between practical and theoretical input/activities – including all the film clip examples which helped to highlight points made. A really good course for anyone considering a career in this industry.

  5. Jemma (verified owner)

    This course was brilliant!

    I initially planned to do the course in person but ended up not being able to, and Denise and the team coordinated a change for me to be on the online version. The course was great, it was seamless to do the online version with a live video feed. Timothy was engaging, insightful and held our attention for 14 hours over 2 days! The interactive aspects worked just as well online and he answered our questions in real time.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel equipped to going out there and gaining some experience.

    I would highly recommend this course to would be script supervisors as well as producers, directors and editors to help them understand the role and therefore how best to utilise script supervisors.

  6. William-James Kelly

    Fantastic masterclass; excellent instructor, very professional. The weekend course was insightful, interesting and inspiring. The option to do the course online suited me perfectly as I live in Ireland.

  7. Melissa Larkin (verified owner)

    This course was absolutely fantastic! Even after researching script supervision myself at home beforehand, nothing compares to the amount of information that we learned from Tim himself. His experience and his passion for this job made me so excited to try my hand! Thoroughly enjoyed the experience from start to finish and I feel so ready to get on a set and use these new skills and knowledge.

  8. Kathleen Gilbert (verified owner)

    An excellent intro to the massive job of the script supervisor & continuity. The added chance to ‘practice’ noting various takes of a scene in real(ish) time was invaluable. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Barbara Vonau

    This was an enjoyable and hard working weekend masterclass. It is amazing what you can learn and then put to use straight afterwards. Attended it mainly to understand the process and use it to improve my screenwriting-and it is a job currently much in demand. Highly recommended

  10. Elsa (verified owner)

    Very useful, I’ve learned so much in so little time! Excellent instructor, thank you Raindance!

  11. Dahlia Baeshen (verified owner)

    Honestly it was great! Even much better than I expected. I didn’t even feel the hours. Timothy was very pleasant as well

  12. Bogdan Silaghi

    Better than expected. Timothy is an excellent instructor, very professional. Highly recommend this masterclass!

  13. Lan (verified owner)

    Tim was very knowledgeable and described everything in a concise manner. Recommended if you want to pursue a serious career as a Script Supervisor.

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