Script Supervision and Continuity Certificate Toronto

This course will be offered again in the Fall session.

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Script Supervisors are in demand!

Are you looking for an important, well-paid job in the film and television industry? Are you meticulous about details and have a talent for extreme multi-tasking? Are you calm in a crisis? Do you like being referred to as an “unsung hero?”

Script supervision and continuity might just be your perfect career!

Currently, the pool of available Script Supervisors is surprisingly small while demand is at an all-time high. Producers are begging for qualified continuity applicants. Become this rare commodity!

Script Supervisors (aka, Continuity Supervisors) are responsible for making sure that all aspects of the filmmaking process are performed flawlessly from script to screen. As a “department of one” the script supervisor keeps the production on track and records all the infinitesimal details of the process to create a bible the editor uses to assemble the film.

Who should take this course?

This Script Supervision and Continuity Workshop is an introduction to the key skills required to become a Script Supervisor. The course’s comprehensive overview of the technical aspects of filmmaking is not only a perfect introduction to anyone new to the industry, but to aspiring directors, editors, producers and screenwriters, as well. Anyone wishing to know more about how movies are made will benefit from this course.

What you’ll learn:

Week 1 – Breaking It All Down

  • Film Continuity defined
  • When continuity goes alarmingly, hysterically wrong
  • Script/Continuity Supervisor’s many roles
  • Tools of the trade
  • The continuity of story time
  • The continuity of story logic
  • The script breakdown process
  • What is a “story day?”
  • Timing a script
  • Scene counts and scene numbering conventions
  • Page count: Learn to think in 1/8ths
  • Preparing a Script Breakdown Report

Week 2 – The Language of Film

  • A whirlwind crash course in film theory
  • The concept of coverage
  • Shot sizes
  • Lenses
  • The Axis of Action / 180° Rule
  • Eye-lines
  • Screen direction
  • Ramp, Rack & Dutch
  • Inserts
  • Transitions

Week 3 – Slates, Lines and Wiggles

  • What goes on the slate and why
  • Continuity Notes / Slate Sheets
  • How and why to “line” a script

Week 4 – It’s All About the Paperwork

  • End of day reports
  • Lined Script and Facing Pages
  • Daily Progress Report / Top Sheet
  • Editor’s Log / Camera Log

Week 5 – Skills Drills

  • Real-time simulations: Let’s practice!
  • How to find work
  • Union basics


About the Instructor

J. Timothy Hunt is a sought-after Script Supervisor in the Toronto film and television industry. He’s worked on feature films and TV shows including “Orphan Black,” “Bitten,” “Odd Squad,” and “Anne of Green Gables.” Currently, he is the Script Supervisor on OMNI-TV’s cop show “Blood and Water.” Tim is a recent graduate of the Raindance Postgraduate Program with an MA in Film Studies and is regularly employed as a script supervisor in his native Toronto.

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Script Supervision and Continuity Certificate Toronto

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